Our Staff

Core Team




Principal Ms Edis
Assistant Principal, Behaviour, Inclusion & Safeguarding Mr Kerby
Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Outcomes KS3 Ms Brookes
Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Outcomes KS4 Mr Conlon
Assistant Principal (returning from Maternity leave 17.12.18) Ms Green
Assistant Principal, Personal Development KS3 Ms Quincey
Assistant Principal, Director of Sixth Form Ms Orchin
Director of Work Hard Network Ms Knight

Teaching Staff


Acting Head of English/ ATT & CPD Lead Ms Nobes
English Teacher, Head of Key Stage 4 (Pastoral) Ms Kennedy
English Teacher Ms Wilson
English Teacher Mr Griffin
English Teacher  Mr Jackson
English KS4 Coordinator Ms Twyman
Head of Humanities Ms Gelder
Geography Teacher Mr Mullins
Geography Teacher Mr Harrison
Geography Teacher Mr Savile
Geography Teacher Ms Jones
History Teacher Mr Newey
Head of Philosophy, Religion & Ethics Mr Munir-Rai
Religious Studies & Psychology Teacher Ms Namatovu
Head of Maths      Ms Tibbetts
Maths Teacher Ms Garne
Maths Teacher, KS5 Coordinator Ms Allan
Maths Teacher, KS4 Coordinator Ms Davidson
Maths Teacher, KS3 Coordinator Ms Hill
Maths Teacher Mr Dinh
Maths Teacher Mr Mazzarella
Maths Teacher Ms Taylor
Maths Teacher  Ms Burns
Maths Teacher Dr Roberts
Head of Modern Foreign Languages Mr Leverage
Modern Foreign Languages Teacher / Lead Instructional Teacher Ms Konneradt
Lead French & Spanish Teacher Ms Vazquez
Spanish Teacher Ms Dolz
Head of Creative & Performing Arts Ms Breckon
Drama Teacher Ms Murphy
Performing Arts & LAMDA Teacher & Theatre Coordinator Mr Kalorkoti
Music Teacher / Lead Music Tutor  Ms Riley
Music Teacher Mr Mazzarella
Art & Design Teacher Mr Thomas
Head of PE Department Ms Bridges
PE Teacher (SEND) Ms Stanton
PE Teacher (Behaviour & Inclusion) Mr Kerby
PE Teacher Mr Brooks
PE Coach Ms Dempster
Regional Lead Science Teacher Ms Blessing
Head of Science Ms Pinner
Lead Physics Teacher Mr Wood
Lead Chemistry Teacher Mr Borley
Science Teacher  Mr Conlon
Science Teacher Ms Lawrence
Science Teacher Ms Satherlund
Physics Teacher Mr Abel
Physics Teacher Mr Granleese
Lead Food Technology Teacher Mr Leather
Head of Psychology Ms Everiste
Lead Psychology Teacher, EPQ Coordinator Mr Knight
Psychology Teacher Ms McGarvey

Support Staff

Research & Development Lead Ms Robinson
Library Assistant Ms Meddle
Maths Tutor Ms Muorah
Senior Science Technician Ms Jinah
Music Tutor Mr Todorov
Music Tutor Ms Bonfante
Music Tutor Mr Prime
Music Tutor Ms Milicic
Music Tutor Mr King
Music Tutor Ms Sawyer
Head of SEND Ms Stanton
Lead Learning Support Assistant ASD Ms Wilson
LSA Wellbeing Leader Ms Beaumont
Inclusion Pastoral Leader Ms Stewart
Learning Support Assistant Ms Woema
Learning Support Assistant Ms Ponge
Learning Support Assistant Ms Charan
Learning Support Assistant Mr Rands
Learning Support Assistant Ms Barretto
Learning Support Assistant Ms Norfolk
Learning Support Assistant Ms Datoo
School Nurse Ms Madert

Operational Staff

PA to the Principal Ms Goodman
Operations & Office Manager Mr Rudd
Data & Examinations Officer Mr Burslem
Attendance Officer Ms Proctor
School Administrator (Pupil Services) Ms Espasandin
Receptionist Ms Proctor
Finance Team Finance Team
Finance Manager Ms Price
HR Manager Ms Miah
Facilities Manager Mr Urlich
Head Chef Ms Lepherd

First Aiders

Ms Proctor  
Ms Espasandin  
Mr Rudd  
Ms Dempster  

Chair of Parents Association

Mr Stan Faure