Introduction to the Subject    


The Bolingbroke Academy English department is committed in ensuring that ALL pupils make outstanding progress across all Key Stages in English. The four core English skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening – are essential for pupils to succeed in all subject areas and their future career choices.

Pupils study a creative and innovative curriculum that takes them across the world and through history in their study of poetry, plays, novels and non-fiction texts. The varied nature of their study develops pupils’ understanding of language and literature as well as the wider world in which we live. English lessons are engaging and challenging for all pupils, providing a safe environment which enables them to become independent thinkers and develop confident writing and analytical skills.


Each department has a 'DNA', that is to say our vision for that department.


The DNA of the English Department can be viewed here:

Bolingbroke Academy Subject DNA: English


If you have any queries please contact Acting Head of English Ms Nobes