Introduction to the Subject 


Maths is one of Bolingbroke Academy’s specialisms.  Maths is an essential subject for many careers – from Engineering, Medicine and the Sciences, to Finance, Programming and Architecture. Our vision is not only to enable our pupils to choose maths for further study or their career if they wish, but also to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their future choices, can have a positive experience of mathematics at school.  At the root of Mathematics, at Bolingbroke Academy, is a belief that all pupils can be successful mathematicians, if they are given the tools and the confidence to access the material.

We follow the Mathematics Mastery programme, which is a new approach to Mathematics that has been developed by teachers at ARK schools.  We cover fewer topics in more depth, so that pupils are able to master topics thoroughly when they learn a new concept.  We also use physical manipulatives and pictures to aid pupils’ understanding of abstract concepts.

Problem solving and communication are at the heart of our mathematics curriculum.  Every lesson contains a ‘talk task’, where pupils discuss their mathematical ideas.  We have high expectations of the language that our pupils use in the maths classroom and challenge our pupils through rich tasks and open ended questions.


Each department has a 'DNA', that is to say our vision for that department.


The DNA of the Maths Department can be viewed here: 

Bolingbroke Academy Subject DNA: Maths


Please also see our Home Support Guide for Hegarty Maths.


If you have any queries please contact the Head of Maths Ms Tibbetts