Introduction to the Subject    

The Bolingbroke Academy Science Department is committed to ensuring pupils make excellent progress while developing a love and passion for the Sciences, preparing them for KS4 Science study and beyond. We expect pupils to display the values of the Academy and to BE BOLD within our subject area to achieve the attainment they are capable of.

Our aim is to deliver four outstanding Science lessons to every pupil, every week. The department is committed to creating a culture of inquiry and discovery, developing our pupils’ scientific skills including data interpretation and scientific planning, writing and thinking.

We focus on scientific literacy to build pupil’s confidence in writing and ensure that lessons are engaging and stimulating so all pupils are able and enthused to learn.

Each department has a 'DNA'; that is to say, our vision for that department. The DNA of the Science Department can be viewed here: 

Bolingbroke Academy Subject DNA: Science


To view the full subject curriculum for Key Stage 3 please click here: Key Stage 3 Curriculum 2017-18


If you have any queries please contact the Head of Science Ms Wadham