Subject Science  

Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Triple Science) or Core and Additional Science (Double Science)

Introduction Based on their rapid and sustained progress in Science in Years 7, 8 and GCSE Foundation Year, the majority of pupils at Bolingbroke Academy will study Triple Science at Key Stage 4 (3 Science GCSEs; Biology, Chemistry and Physics). The remaining pupils will study Double Award Science (2 Science GCSEs).
Why study Science?  



  • To acquire and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to study Science at A-Level and beyond.
  • To continue and enrich an enthusiasm for the scientific world around us.
  • To develop a scientific approach to data, problem-solving and analysis that is transferable into the world of work.


Exam Board and Specification Edexcel Triple Science GCSE (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) or  

Edexcel Double Award Science GCSE (Science and Additional Science)

Key areas of content All pupils will finish studying the first units of Biology, Chemistry and Physics (B1, C1, P1) before Christmas of Year 10. The second units (B2, C2, P2) will be taught in in the remainder of Year 10 with those pupils on the Triple Science course completing the third units (B3, C3, P3) in Year 11. The practical-based controlled assessment tasks will take place in Year 11.  


In depth lists of topics covered in Year 10 and Year 11 are available from all members of the Science department and the academy website.

Assessment arrangements All pupils will sit their Science exams at the end of Year 11. Those pupils following the Triple Science programme will sit 9 exams (3 in biology, 3 in chemistry, 3 in physics) while those following the Double Science programme will sit 6 exams (2 in biology, 2 in chemistry and 2 in physics). The Year 11 exams make up 75% of the final mark with the other 25% coming from the practical-based controlled assessment.
Setting arrangements Science groups will be set by ability, with most groups beginning the year studying the Triple Science programme. The other class will study the Double Science programme. Pupils may be moved from one programme to the other at the end of Year 10 if we believe that this would increase the chances of the pupil achieving the best possible grades at the end of Year 11.
Textbooks, websites and other relevant material All pupils should already have a copy of the official Edexcel GCSE revision guide. Copies are still available from the science department for a reduced price of £5. The Edexcel textbooks that accompanies the course are also available (Author Mark Levesley).