The Parent Council are currently fundraising for three fantastic projects. Find out more  information below including how you can donate.


We are raising funds to purchase 'Logic Pro' to assist in music lessons and to support GCSE pupils.

Logic Pro is a music writing software with sophisticated tools for song writing, editing and mixing. It includes a huge collection of instruments, effects and loops, providing a complete toolkit for music composition.

Apple’s free programme, Garageband, is currently used for composing and mixing music with our Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils at Bolingbroke. However, as our GCSE pupils progress through their studies, with an increasing focus on composition coursework (40% of their total GCSE), there are a number of extra features available with Logic that would really support our pupils to develop their compositional and music technology skills further (such as instruments available, effects such as panning, and detailed note writing), and if we are able to procure Logic Pro it would be extremely beneficial for those pupils wishing to explore music technology at a higher level.

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This appeal is to raise money for the Art and Design and Technology Department at Ark Bolingbroke Academy. Out of the 841,000 private sector businesses based in London, 18% are in the technical activities sector and 15% are in the construction sector.

This has been recognised by the academy which is why future development plans are to concentrate sixth form subjects to have a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) focus. It is essential that we provide our pupils with the right training for these areas of employment as they are currently providing the greatest source of income to the UK’s economy. Companies within the technical sector would expect their employees to be able to use 3D Printers and we aim to prepare our pupils for this by fundraising for this equipment. Training in school would give our pupils a clear advantage to those who have not had any. Our aim is to raise £5,600 so that we have two operational 3D printers by September 2016.

T o date with the support of our Parent Council, we have reserved a pitch at the Spring Fair to generate funding. Pupils have been working hard to create products to sell on the stall and have even offered to help run it on the day. Your support for this project would help our pupils
have the edge over others in the future, as well as the added benefit of being able to manufacture high quality outcomes for their GCSE and A-Level coursework. It is detailed in the exam specification assessment criteria that pupils are expected to be able to use Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture equipment with confidence for both GCSE and A-Level qualifications. The opportunity to be able to use the software and 3D printers would ensure our pupils have exceptional coursework outcomes and knowledge in this area. Please donate generously to this worthwhile cause!

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In the preferences survey earlier on this year, a clear majority of Year 10 pupils stated that, if selecting their A-level courses on that day, they would select a Biology, Chemistry or Physics course.

We are proud of how enthusiastic our Year 10s are with regards to science and continuing their scientific studies and we hope this interest is increased further during the second half of their KS4 studies. We are determined to stay true to our original vision of delivering an engaging, relevant curriculum that shows pupils the importance of science in the real world.

In order to deliver this curriculum we require assistance in raising funds to purchase equipment and practical items in the areas of radioactivity, electricity, static electricity and motion. The items include a van der graff generator, radioactive materials and detectors, static electricity kits and electrical circuits and components. We are confident that using this equipment will not only inflame our pupils’ interest in the subject but also give them the best possible chance to achieve the highest marks! Many thanks in advance for any donation that you can spare.

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