New head of Science on her plans for Bolingbroke's STEM subjects, and what initiated her love of science

Bolingbroke’s newly appointed Head of Science Georgia Turner, who started in her role this week tells us about her ambitions for Bolingbroke’s STEM subjects, and what got her interested in science in the first place.


Is science something that has always interested you?

Yes – I used to want to be a vet when I was a child because I loved biology – and animals - so much. When I studied biology and chemistry at A level I was inspired by my teachers to pursue a science degree at university.


What did you study at university?

I studied Sports Science and Human Physiology. Throughout my teenage years I leaned more towards being a physiotherapist than a vet, as I became more and more interested in the biology of human body. The course itself proved to be actually very diverse, including: neuroscience, biomechanics, psychology and anatomy & physiology.


What school were you at previously and what was your role there?

I was at Harris Academy in Merton working as STEM Coordinator as well as being a science teacher.


What attracted you to working at Bolingbroke?

Initially I was intrigued by the building! It’s got so many quirks and lots of character so when I saw the job advertised I thought it was worth looking into. Once I researched more into the Academy I found the core values were relatable to my practice and, upon meeting staff and students on my interview day, I got a really good vibe.


What plans do you have for the Bolingbroke science department?

In the short-term I’d love to make sure that we have a clear focus and passion for our subject, across every Key Stage. Long-term there are BIG plans…but they’re a secret for now!


What would you say to pupils - and particularly girls - who traditionally feel that science subjects such as physics and chemistry aren't for them?


You’d be surprised about how science is in every aspect of your life! From understanding the energy transfers when charging your phone battery using a plug socket to acknowledging how to get acetone for your nail polish remover. There are many jobs that you can look into that are STEM related, not just ‘teachers’ or ‘doctors’. Check out – you might just find something of interest.