Year 7 Science Trip

Science Museum Trip

3rd November. One Science Museum. 124 eager and budding Year 7 scientists!

It was a pleasure to take our Year 7 students out last week to London’s science museum to continue to foster a love and passion for STEM subjects. Once our students were welcomed in to the museum, they made their way to the Wonderlab; a hands-on gallery where students were able to explore topics of forces and motion through working together, hypothesising, and building using materials provided. Students then were able to explore other sections of the museum completing a treasure hunt, including the history of medicine, the science of clockwork and the Engine Hall, which houses some of the earliest pieces of machinery from the Industrial Revolution.

After lunch, students then were taken to the IMAX cinema, one of the biggest screens in Europe to watch the 3D movie ‘A Beautiful Planet’ narrated by Jennifer Lawrence which used footage from recent International Space Station missions to explore what life is like in space, and the human impacts  on the earth that can be seen by astronauts from space.


Not only did the film make some students realise that they’d love to be astronauts some day – all of our students and staff came away in awe of what a beautiful planet we live on and the need to conserve it through small everyday actions. Before travelling home, students also had the opportunity to explore the gift shop to pick up a souvenir or two, ranging from freeze-dried astronaut ice cream to foam putty!