Maths Inspiration Trip 2017

Maths Inspiration Trip 2017

Maths Inspiration Trip 2017

Maths Inspiration Trip 2017

On 22nd November 2017, a group of 25 Year 11 and Year 12 Bolingbroke Academy pupils went to the Maths Inspirations event at the Piccadilly Theatre, hosted by 'stand up mathematician' Matt Parker. 

Amongst the unusual setting (created for the musical Matilda!), there were a series of three talks delivered by professional statisticians and mathematicians all of whom talked about aspects of Maths that had captured their imaginations and steered their careers into Maths in very different directions. 

The first talk was by medical statistician Jen Rogers who is based at Oxford University. Jen talked about the difference between relative risk and absolute risk.  A follow up link from her talk can be found here:

Jen Rogers analyses Ryanair:

Next there was a talk from science presenter and comedian Steve Mould looking at how a string of beads can possibly fall upwards!  The link is here and is worth a look: 

The Mould Effect explained -

Finally, mathematician and juggler Colin Wright took the stage and had the students create a juggling problem for him using network diagrams: 

Colin Wright – juggling patterns

The Bolingbroke students said they had really enjoyed the talks which were all so different from each other. 

We hope that many of the Year 11s will be thinking about taking Maths and Further Maths next year so that we can follow up of a few of the strands presented.