Hampton Court Humanities Year 8 Trip

Hampton Court

Hampton Court Humanities Trip

On Tuesday 12th December, Year 8 spent the day at Hampton Court. It was an extremely cold, crisp morning and London was recovering from the icy temperatures and snowfall. The pupils and teachers travelled from school to Hampton Court by train, departing from Clapham Junction. Their behaviour was excellent on the train and members of the local community commented on how fantastic our pupils were.
We arrived at Hampton Court at 10.30am ready for the first learning session. The pupils were split into three groups. Each group had a 1 hour learning session with a member of staff from Hampton Court.

hampton court

Pupils were taken back in time as they were guided around the palace by a courtier from the reign of Henry VIII. The courtier explained the trials and tribulations of being either a Catholic or a Protestant in the Tudor period. Pupils were also taught how to bow and courtesy appropriately, depending on their station.

The 1 hour session provided an interactive and engaging recap of the religious rollercoaster people endured during the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I.

hampton court Pupils and teachers then had time to explore the palace on their own as well as the palace grounds which looked incredible as the sunlight that shone over the frosted grass and gravel.

Photo credit must go to Evelyn Sai for some of these fantastic shots!

Hampton Court   Hampton Court

All in all, a cold but great day out! Well done to all those Year 8s for their impeccable behaviour and a massive thanks to all the members of staff who supported the Humanities Department.