Stem 4 Teenage Mental Health Workshop

Stem 4 Mental Health Conference

Stem 4 Teenage Mental Health Workshop 

Five of our esteemed Year 9 pupils were chosen to represent Bolingbroke at the Teenage Mental Health Workshop at Ark Putney, led by the charity Stem 4.

This was an amazing opportunity and a real insight into teenage mental health difficulties in the UK and how we can combat these before they develop further as well as what happens when the correct help is not found.

Our pupils played an active role in the workshops and even won first prize for their contributions in the areas of how to raise awareness and the measures schools can take to improve mental wellbeing as well as creating a slogan and poster to help with the issues of mental health.

They came up with the slogan "See, Talk, Be" alongside posters with how to use this and explanations as well as a series of suggestions which schools can take in order to improve the wellbeing of staff and pupils and how we treat mental illness, to which Stem 4 were particularly impressed by.