Sixth Form Laura Wyld Visit

Laura Wyld

Sixth Form Laura Wyld Visit

On Monday the 29th of January, the entire Sixth Form were privileged to experience the visit of the politician, Baroness Laura Wyld.

Laura Wyld

Baroness Wyld, a graduate of the University of Cambridge, has risen through the political ranks from being advisor to the former Prime Minister David Cameron, to becoming the second youngest Peer in the House of Lords in June last year.

She is dedicated to changing young lives and mental health, even though she admitted that it can be challenging and scary putting forward such proposals in front of an audience of much older and experienced politicians.

After discussing her interesting journey to Westminster, Laura opened up the floor to questions from the Sixth Formers. A great many interesting and stimulating questions were asked, on hot topics such as Brexit, diversity in politics, and child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing, a topic of great interest to her.

As the mother of three young children she discussed juggling jobs and kids at the same time. Overall, she was a brilliant guest to have in our school, providing students with an insightful stimulus to provoke an interest in politics.
Editorial: James Wilson (Klein12)