Remembrance Assembly

On Wednesday 11th November we held our Remembrance Assembly and were privileged to welcome a very special guest. Mr Gordon Passmore former Councillor, local resident and grandfather to a Bolingbroke pupil attended this special event to mark Armistice Day.

Mr Passmore, pupils and staff of Bolingbroke Academy listened as Ms Bessa (Assistant Principal) encouraged pupils and staff to imagine what life like was for both civilian and military personnel during the two World Wars. Mr Passmore himself volunteered for the Fleet Air Army in 1941 – the day of the infamous Japanese attack on the American navy Pearl Harbour. Since that day he has gone on to serve his country and local community in so many ways so we felt particularly honoured that he would share this special day with us.

The Assembly ended with a moving recital of The Last Post performed by Ms Kirby Ashmore who only began to play the trumpet a year ago.

Thank you to Councillor Peter Dawson for making this all possible. The whole Assembly was brought to life by having such a special guest and was a real highlight of the year so far.