Annual Speech & Prize Giving

Congratulations to the pupils of Bolingbroke Academy who were nominated at this year's Annual Speech Day & Prize Giving. It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the fantastic work that pupils have achieved in only six terms.

The winners of 2013/2014 Annual Speech Day and Prize Giving were:

Erskine Clarke Award for Science

Tanisha Addicott (Year 8)

Carl Friedrich Gauss Award for Maths

Alexa Scutt - Thomson (Year 9)

Ethel Smyth Shield for Music

Jasmine Liu (Year 9 )

Morgan ARK Award for Humanities

Moniece Mullings (Year 9 )

Quizzitch Cup

Erskine House

Gold Greyhounds (Automatic nomination for the Ever Courageous Cup)

Tanisha Addicott
Zayd Addicott
Carla Lemos Perinitti
Eddie Bloom
Mariane Jose

Ever Courageous Cup

Zayd Addicott

Be Bold Cup for Bravery in the Community

Isaac Garapi

Parent Award

Harvey Ward

House Competition

Verbiest House