Bolingbroke Academy has a Just Giving page where you can donate money to support the Fundraising projects, please click on the link below to access it.

Bolingbroke Academy Just Giving Fundraising Page

We also have specific fundraising projects led by the Parents Association, these projects provide vital resources for the pupils. Please click on the links to access these projects:


The Drama department offers students the opportunity to perform to their family, friends and teachers in our fantastic shows. Pupils can audition to perform in a whole school Musical each year, a Y7 and Y8 production and we will be piloting our first sixth form show this year. Pupils are involved in all aspects of stage production including lighting and sound production and the success of our shows relies on effective stage equipment. Funds raised will go towards ceiling microphones and radio microphones and the total needed for these is £1,000.

Drama Department Fundraising


Our music curriculum centres round inclusivity where every pupil is provided with the best musical opportunities and all Y7 students are given the chance to learn an instrument. To ensure that we can continue to provide this unique opportunity to our growing number of pupils the music department needs to purchase additional equipment and repair existing ones. Money raised will go towards instrument purchases and repairs, music stands, keyboard stands, recording interfaces, microphones and sixth form equipment and the total amount needed to cover all this is £5,500.

Music Department Fundraising

Product Design (Art & Design)

The Art and Design department strives to provide students with the opportunity to practice new skills and create their designs using specialist equipment which is fit for purpose. We need to ensure that the workshop is resourced with the right equipment to give students the chance to keep up with the latest working practices. Donations will go towards an acrylic convection oven, a brazing hearth for pewter casting and metal welding, a benchtop router table, die and tapping kit for aluminium rod joining plus a biscuit jointer, dust extractor, drill set and lathe cutting tools. The total amount needed for this is £2,780.

Product Design Department Fundraising

We are extremely grateful for your support.