To view the performance data from Bolingbroke Academy please visit the Ofsted School Data Dashboard: 

Ofsted School Data Dashboard: Bolingbroke Academy

You can view Bolingbroke Academy's performance data on the Department for Education website: 

Department for Education School Performance Data: Bolingbroke Academy


The full Ofsted report, providing comprehensive detail of the effectiveness of Bolingbroke Academy in each of the four categories, can be viewed by clicking on the link below. 

Bolingbroke Academy Ofsted Report 2013

The Academy was also inspected in 2018, this was a 'short' inspection which is a one day Ofsted inspection for schools in the top two Ofsted categories. The full report can be viewed below:

Bolingbroke Academy Ofsted Report 2018


The Ofsted team particularly highlighted the quality of teaching and learning at Bolingbroke.

“Good and outstanding teaching is characterised by a rapid pace and high levels of challenge. Skilful questioning checks students’ learning and probes and pushes them to think more deeply.”

The inspection team commended our pupils and staff for creating a brand new secondary academy which meets the needs of the local community.  The report recognises that all children have an opportunity to thrive and develop “a springboard to a successful future.”

The report says that in such a short period we have “established a clear vision, ethos and culture for the academy. This has allowed the academy to develop a very strong and consistent message of ambition and excellence throughout its community.”

Pupils were excited to share their experiences of Bolingbroke Academy with the Ofsted inspectors. They are proud to attend our school, are “polite and courteous at all times” and the “extensive and varied curriculum” allows all pupils to engage and make good progress in subjects like English, mathematics and science, while additional activities “enrich their life experience.”


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