Contacting Staff

If you would like to contact a member of staff, please click on their name below and an email to them will be automatically generated. This is the best way to contact staff, who do not have regular access to phones during the school day, so we do ask you to use email in the first instance.

Before you do so, please read our communications structure which will help guide you to the correct person: Communications Structure 2021-22

Bolingbroke Academy aims to empower excellence in a sustainable way. To ensure the work/life balance of its staff, work-related communication will be read from 08:00-17:00 Monday to Friday during term time. Within this timeframe, staff endeavour to respond to all communications within 48 working hours.

Core Team

Ms C Edis Principal
Ms C Maddock Vice Principal
Ms C Orchin Assistant Principal: Director of Sixth Form
Ms J Green Assistant Principal: Teaching and Learning
Mr T Rye Assistant Principal: Key Stage 4
Ms J Kennedy Assistant Principal: Key Stage 3
Ms E Gelder Assistant Principal: Safeguarding and Inclusion


Heads of Year

Ms S Funnell Head of Year 7
Mr J Antonelli Head of Year 8
Mr J Thomas Head of Year 9
Ms J Lawrence Head of Year 10
Mr D Griffin Head of Year 11
Ms I Alabi Head of Year 12
Mr C Newey Head of Year 13

Subject Teachers (* indicates Civitas Tutor)


Art and Design

Head of Department: Ms H Gougeon*

Mr J Thomas


Creative and Performing Arts

Head of Department: Ms R Breckon

Ms J Murphy

Ms F Riley*



Head of Department Ms C Wilson

Ms I Alabi*

Ms V Cartwright

Mr E Dixon*

Mr D Griffin

Ms C Meddle*




Head of Department: Ms E Gelder

Mr J Antonelli

Ms S Funnell*

Mr C Newey*

Ms M Taylor*

Ms R Winter*

Ms K Worner*



Head of Department: Ms C Tibbetts*

Ms S Davidson*

Ms V Hill*

Ms N Tiemann*

Ms M Rowan*

Mr N Gates


Modern Foreign Languages

Head of Department: Ms C Simmonet*

Mr C Ackermann*

Ms S Evans*

Ms S Hatia-Khawaja*


Physical Education

Head of Department: Ms M Emosivwe*

Mr A Hanson*



Head of Department: Ms J Padda

Mr O Armstrong*

Ms K Blevins*

Ms F Bunting (technician)

Mr A Chapman*

Dr G Dunne*

Mr A Humair*

Mr R Forster*

Ms S Jinah (technician)

Ms J Lawrence

Mr O Matthews

Dr M Taylor*



Ms T Kanetis* Key Stage 3 SEND
Ms S Stanton SENCO
Ms J Murphy Head of SEND
Ms L Agondogo Learning Support Assistant
Ms T Charan* Learning Support Assistant
Ms S Datoo* Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Jalil Engagement in Learning Centre Manager
Ms K May Learning Support Assistant


Admin and Operations

Ms D Ahanonu Pupil Services Administrator (Maternity leave)
Ms R Anderson Finance Officer
Mr C Antos Premises Manager
Ms E Burrell Receptionist (Maternity cover)
Mr S Burslem Data and Examinations Officer
Ms L Culovic School Administrator
Ms P Jones HR Assistant
Ms M Lepherd Chef Manager
Mr J May Senior IT Technician
Ms H Rimbault HR and Operations Manager
Ms K Robinson* Research and Development Leader
Ms L Robinson Office Manager
Ms E Samson PA to the Principal / Years 7-11 Admissions
Ms G Savin Senior Finance Manager
Ms P Wilcox Pupil Services Administrator (Maternity Cover)