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Core Team

Ms Edis Principal

Ms Maddock Vice Principal

Ms Brookes Assistant Principal: Key Stage 3 Curriculum and Assessment (maternity leave)

Ms Kennedy Assistant Principal: Key Stage 3

Ms Green Assistant Principal: Teaching and Learning (maternity leave)

Mr Rye Assistant Principal: KS4

Ms Knight Assistant Principal: Director of Inclusion

Ms Orchin Assistant Principal: Director of Sixth Form



Heads of Year

Mr Thomas Head of Year 7

Ms Namatovu Head of Year 8

Ms Bridges Head of Year 9

Ms Murphy Head of Year 10

Mr Dinh Head of Year 11

Ms Gelder Head of Year 12

Mr Knight Head of Year 13


Heads of Department

Ms Quincey Head of English

Ms Tibbets  Head of Mathematics

Ms Turner  Head of Science

Ms Gelder  Head of Humanities

Ms Simonnet-Balchin  Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Ms Gougeon Head of Art & Design

Ms Breckon Head of Creative & Performing Arts

Ms Murphy Drama Teacher

Ms Bridges Head of Physical Education


Civitas Tutors

Ms Lekan- Alabi/Ms Stanton, Year 7 Erskine 1

Ms Charan Year 7 Erskine 2

Ms Taylor Year 7 Klein 1

Mr Granleese Year 7 Klein 2

Ms Burns Year 7 Smyth 1

Ms Funnell/Mr Dixon Year 7 Smyth 2

Mr Antonelli Year 7 Verbiest 1

Ms Kanetis Year 7 Verbiest 2

Mr Newey Year 8 Erskine

Ms Lawrence Year 8 Klein

Mr Jackson Year 8 Smyth

Ms Breckon/Ms Organibia, Year 8 Verbiest

Ms Meddle Year 9 Erskine

Mr Hanson Year 9 Klein

Ms Hill/Mr Forsyth, Year 9 Smyth

Ms Gougeon Year 9 Verbiest

Ms Tibbets Year 10 Erskine

Mr Borley Year 10 Klein

Mr Griffin Year 10 Smyth

Ms Winter Year 10 Verbiest

Ms Davidson Year 11 Erskine

Mr Rye/Ms Slatton, Year 11 Klein

Ms Twyman Year 11 Smyth

Ms Wilson Year 11 Verbiest

Mr Blackett Year 12 Erskine

Mr Abel/Mr Ackermann, Year 12 Klein

Ms Allan, Year 12 Smyth

Mr Lennox-Hilton, Year 12 Verbiest

Ms K Robinson, Year 13 Erskine

Ms Simonnet, Year 13 Klein

Ms Turner Year 13 Smyth



Ms Stanton Key Stage 4 SENDCo

Ms Kanetis Key Stage 3 SENDCo


Support Staff

Ms S Hedgman Operations Manager

Ms L Robinson Office Manager

Ms McAllister Key Stage 4 Administrator/Attendance Officer

Ms Ahanonu Key Stage 3 Administrator

Ms Rimbault HR Officer

Mr Burslem Data and Examinations Officer

Ms Anderson Finance Officer

Ms K Robinson Careers, Research and Development Leader

Ms Samson PA to the Principal

Ms Culovic Receptionist

Ms Madert School Nurse

Ms Lepherd Chef Manager

Mr Antos Facilities Manager

Mr May IT Technician

Ms Arnold Marketing and Communications