We are a courageous, compassionate community – empowering excellence.

Our vision and values stem from our motto, 'Fortiter Ubique', or 'Ever Courageous' is based on the motto of the Bolingbroke & St John’s League of Friends. It came from the family coat of arms of Canon John Erskine Clarke, who was vicar of St Mary’s Church, Battersea and a founder of the Bolingbroke Hospital. It embodies our belief that courage, compassion, community and excellence will empower our pupils / students and staff to excel in education and beyond.

Our talented teaching and support staff insist on high educational standards day-in and day-out resulting in over 80% of our students achieving a top-third university or top 100 apprenticeship including Bloomsburg. Universities include; University of Cambridge, Oxford University, Imperial College London, Royal Veterinary College, Kings College, London School of Economics & Political Science, University of Manchester, University of Bristol, University of Exeter, University of Cardiff and University of York to mention a few.