Vision & Values

We have high aspirations for all our pupils. We aim for the highest standards of educational achievement. We respect and value every pupil and support each to reach their full potential.

Our motto, 'Fortiter Ubique', or 'Ever Courageous' is based on the motto of the Bolingbroke & St John’s League of Friends. It came from the family coat of arms of Canon John Erskine Clarke, who was vicar of St Mary’s Church, Battersea and a founder of the Bolingbroke Hospital. It embodies our belief that perseverance, self-discipline and determination will enable our pupils and staff to succeed at school and beyond.

We will realise our vision by adopting the following core principles:

  • Excellence: Exceptional expectations and achievement for all pupils.
  • Whatever it takes: Pupils, teachers and parents all committed to doing everything needed to ensure that each child succeeds.
  • Responsibility and respect: Excellent standards of behaviour and conduct in school and the local community at all times.
  • Personal development: Developing confidence and leadership skills through inspiring teaching and role models, and an extended and enriching curriculum.
  • Talented and committed staff: Trained and supported to create an academic centre of excellence.

We have built a skilled and committed team to create a centre of academic excellence. We have drawn on ARK Schools’ exceptional experience of developing outstanding new schools to establish a strong and positive culture and rigorous academic programme.