Introduction to the Subject

Art and design offers pupils amazing opportunities to be creative and to express their own ideas.  We have developed a very rich curriculum in which pupils are able to work with a wide variety of materials, techniques and equipment to develop both 2d and 3d work.

The focus is on the development of independent learning which supports pupils progress and attainment at GCSE level and beyond. The art and design team at Bolingbroke are passionate about their subjects and firmly believe that the creative industries offer exciting career opportunities for young people.

We have a fantastically well resourced department with a full set of painting easels, a kiln for ceramics and glass, sewing machines, mac books for digital work, a dark room and a fully equipped resistant materials workshop with a 3d printer and an industrial scale laser cutter. The possibilities for pupils work are endless!

Each department has a 'DNA', that is to say our vision for that department. The DNA of the Art & Design Department can be viewed here:

Bolingbroke Academy Subject DNA: Art & Design

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Art and Design Galleries

See here for Years 7&8 Art & Design Gallery.

See here for Years 9 Art & Design Gallery