Introduction to the Subject

Philosophy and Ethics promotes community cohesion by helping students to learn to understand others and value diversity whilst also promoting shared values and an awareness of human rights.        

Philosophy and provides students with opportunities to further their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, enabling them to grow as individuals with a sense of identity as well as belonging, in order to contribute positively and effectively to society.

Year 9: Aims

Schemes of learning focus on a study of Philosophy and Ethics as well as study of main world religions. Topic areas include Buddhism, Evil and Suffering, Beliefs about Life and Death, Philosophy of Religion, and The Holocaust.

There is a strong emphasis on group work, presentations skills, independent learning and being able to effectively justify their own opinions on key topics.

Year 9: Content

Autumn Term 1- Buddhism: Can we overcome suffering?

Autumn Term 2- Philosophy: What is the Problem of Evil

Spring Term1-  Does God exist?

Spring Term 2-  Is there an Afterlife?

Summer Term 1- Revision and Key Skills

Summer Term 2- Where was God during the Holocaust?

Year 9: Assessment

Year 9s will be assessed in a variety of ways – through written classwork, essays, and formal GCSE style written examinations in order to help pupils prepare for KS4.

Year 9: Teaching

In year 9, pupils have one lesson each week, taught by a Philosophy and Ethics specialist.

Any extra information:

Recent events, opportunities etc.


  • Holocaust Survivor Talk
  • Holocaust Memorial Day Events

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