At Bolingbroke Academy we offer acting exams from the London Academy for Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). LAMDA exams are similar to ABRSM Music exams and are internationally recognised.


Why study Drama?


  • To develop imagination, sensitivity and confidence
  • To encourage personal and group co-operation
  • To explore issues affecting the world today through the medium of drama
  • To identify with a variety of roles and situations
  • To evaluate the effects of drama on an audience
  • To study challenging dramatic texts practically


Exam Board and Specification LAMDA Grades 1 to 8 (solo/duologue/group exams) 
Key areas of content There is a wide range of LAMDA exams available and the content and level that pupils will be entered for will depend on their level of performance. There are Grades 1 to 8 available in solo, paired or group acting, as well as in devising and public speaking. Please see the LAMDA Exams website for further details on the range of options available.                


Assessment arrangements A LAMDA exam will last between 10 minutes for the lower grades and up to 30 minutes for the higher grades. The selected pieces are performed first and the question and answer session follows.                

Interpretation - 40% of the overall mark covers how well a pupil understands and creatively imagines the piece they are working on. Also how well the poem they are reciting, or the character they are playing, comes across to the examiner.

Technique - 40% of the overall mark covers breathing, voice production, clear diction, eye contact and physical control, including the use of movement and gesture.

Knowledge - 20% of the overall mark covers how well the pupil comes over in the ‘interview’ part of the exam. From the first Introductory Grade the examiner will spend a part of the exam engaging a pupil in a question and answer session. The questions will depend on the age, discipline and Grade of the examinee. There is no written component in any of these exams, including Grade 8.


Textbooks, websites and other relevant material                    



Any other information LAMDA exams are accredited and the higher grades (6, 7, 8) count toward points on UCAS applications.                     

It may be possible for pupils to prepare for and enter LAMDA examinations through enrichment without selecting Drama as one of their three preferences courses.

Each department has a 'DNA', that is to say our vision for that department. The DNA of the Drama Department can be viewed here:

Bolingbroke Academy Subject DNA: Drama


To view the full subject curriculum for Key Stage 4 please click here: Key Stage 4 Curriculum 2018-19


If you have any queries please contact Head of Drama Ms Murphy