Introduction Learning at language at GCSE is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. You will study topics in greater depth, building on your knowledge from your GCSE Foundation Year. As you progress linguistically, you will be able to:                  
  • Develop language skills in a variety of contexts
  • Cope with a greater degree of unpredictability
  • Deal with a widening range of potential problems
  • Understand and use more accurately a widening range of vocabulary and structures
  • Understand issues and opinions
  • Discuss issues and give opinions
  • Give full descriptions and accounts
Why study MFL?


  • An additional language greatly enhances your communication and presentation skills
  • Learning a language provides you with the chance to meet new people, travel, try new food, understand different countries and cultures
  • MFL is an academically rigorous subject and one which is well respected by the UK’s leading universities. It is seen as a facilitating subject; leaving open a wide range of courses to you for study at university.
  • In an increasingly globalised world, modern linguists stand out against competitors in the job market
  • Possible career paths range from solicitors to retail buyers; language skills are in demand and can be used in almost any career


Exam Board and Specification Spanish Edexcel GCSE  (9-1)
Key areas of content
  • Media & Culture
  • Sport & Leisure
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Business, Work & Employment
Paper 1 Listening and understanding in Spanish *(Paper code: 1SP0/1F and 1H) Written examination Foundation tier: 35 minutes including 5 minutes’ reading time; 50 marks Higher tier: 45 minutes including 5 minutes’ reading time; 50 marks 25% of the total qualification.
Paper 2 Speaking in Spanish *(Paper code: 1SP0/2F and 2H) Internally conducted and externally assessed Foundation tier: 7–9 minutes plus 12 minutes’ preparation time; 70 marks Higher tier: 10–12 minutes plus 12 minutes’ preparation time; 70 marks 25% of the total qualification.
Paper 3 Reading and understanding in Spanish *(Paper code: 1SP0/3F and 3H) Written examination Foundation tier: 45 minutes; 50 marks. Higher tier: 1 hour; 50 marks 25% of the total qualification.
Paper 4 Writing in Spanish *(Paper code: 1SP0/4F and 4H) Written examination Foundation tier: 1 hour 10 minutes; 60 marks. Higher tier: 1 hour 20 minutes; 60 marks 25% of the total qualification.
  Questions across all four language skills are set in common contexts, addressing a range of relevant contemporary and cultural themes. They are organised into five themes, each broken down into topics and sub-topics.                

The five themes are:

  ● Identity and culture             

● Local area, holiday and travel

● School

● Future aspirations, study and work

● International and global dimension

Textbooks, websites and other relevant material                 

Edexcel GCSE Spanish, Leanda Reeves, Pearson Education  

Each department has a 'DNA', that is to say our vision for that department. The DNA of the Spanish Department can be viewed here:

Bolingbroke Academy Subject DNA: Spanish


To view the full subject curriculum for Key Stage 4 please click here: Key Stage 4 Curriculum 2018-19


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