The Enrichment programme is a very important part of each pupil’s opportunity at Bolingbroke Academy. It encourages pupils to develop many skills which will prepare them for the future, for example problem-solving, creative thinking, initiative, discovery, teamwork etc.

Enrichment groups will be arranged twice a year, based on pupils’ interests. Activities in previous years have included ‘The Bark’ Academy magazine, First Aid course, Mandarin, Rowing at Barn Elms, a Community project, debating, Princes Trust, and World Sports.

Year 7 and 8 will have enrichments in the school day on Thursday Period 5, in addition to clubs which will be made available for pupils to sign up to in sports, creative and performing arts, cultural and academic activities e.g. computing.

There are two cycles of Enrichment:

September to February Half Term

February Half Term – July

Enrichments which are run by external providers cost £40 per cycle, and there are free options each day as well. All pupils who are eleigble for Free School Meals do not need to pay for enrichments.

Here are some examples of enrichments which we are running during the first cycle in 2021:

Table Tennis
Rock School
Art Clinic
Street Dance
Maths Minutes
Music Tech
Tag Rugby
Languages (Portuguese, German, French, Italian)
School production cast, crew and show band

The Library is also open after school daily for independent study.