Bolingbroke Academy uses IPay, an online payment system, for all payments to the academy. We are a cashless Academy and ask that pupils do not bring money into school.

All current pupils have already been issued with a log in and user name. New pupils will be given this information within in the first few weeks of term.

To access your account, click here:

The Ipay System can be used to:

  • Book and pay for Academy trips
  • Pay for individual music lessons
  • Put money on your child’s account for meals and snacks
  • Book and pay for special events

What are the benefits?

  • Set up a direct debit to pay for your child school meals and break snack
  • A £13 suggested amount has been added based on the cost of meals for one week
  • No pupil can go into negative more that £5.20 – this covers the cost of 2 meals whilst we contact you to request you top up
  • Make quick and secure payments at any time
  • Pay for trips in instalments
  • See your balance and payment history clearly
  • Pay for music lessons/music exams
  • Use any major debit or credit card
  • No more writing cheques
  • All the information you need in one place

Once you have made a payment, the information will be sent to the finance team at Bolingbroke Academy so that payments can be recorded and ticked off.

IPay is extremely secure:

  • All money that you pay goes directly and immediately to Bolingbroke Academy’s bank account.
  • The site is secure as it is encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session. Neither IPay nor Bolingbroke Academy can see or have access to any of your bank/card details and these are not stored by IPay or Bolingbroke Academy.


Paying money into IPay:

  • You can add your card or multiple cards and as well as making one-off payments to cover lunch and break food payments you can also set up Auto Pay. This allows you to set up a weekly or monthly payment plan to cover your child’s food over an allotted period.We recommend that you set up this system as this avoids forgetting payments and your child not receiving food once they have gone into negative.Price per meal £2.60

    Price per week £13.00

    Price per month: £42.25

    Price per school year: £507