Houses are more than names, they are about creating a sense of identity and belonging. Our house system is a way of organising the Academy in to five equal parts, each one made up of equal numbers of each year group. This creates smaller ‘family’ units. As well as giving pupils a secure environment in which to work, the House system gives numerous opportunities for enhancing team building and leadership skills through a wide variety of inter-house competitions and events, both sporting and cultural. The House system aims to provide pupils with an extended family in the Academy.

Pastoral care is essential in supporting our pupils to develop a strong social identity and courageous character. At Bolingbroke, the House system will be a key driver in creating the collective Academy identity and the individual identity of all our pupils.

The House system ensures high levels of staff and pupil interaction as every member of the Academy including all support staff will be allocated to a House. Every child is allocated a ‘Civitas’ group and fall under the guidance of their Civitas tutor and Head of Year.

There are five Houses at Bolingbroke that reflect the unique identity of the Academy and offer the opportunity for pupils to actively shape the identity of their own house. The Houses were named by our founding pupils when the Academy opened in 2012, with Seacole being created in 2020 to make the groups even smaller.

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The House system is the key conduit for information between the family and the Academy, allowing parents and carers to have clear lines of communication. Civitas tutors are the first port of call for any queries and concerns about the pupils in their group. By working with the pupils’ subject teachers they will gain a real view of each individual’s academic progress which will be fed back to parents and carers and the Pastoral Leadership team. Civitas tutors work in partnership with all those associated with their individual pupils to ensure that the child feels secure and supported with a clear understanding of the boundaries and routines.

Civitas tutors will track individual pupils and share any concerns or commendations with parents and carers, and Head of Year. Within each year the Academy’s behavioral expectations will be explicit and consistently applied to all pupils. Tutors will track all positive and negative behaviour using the Management Information System (MIS). The 100% culture of Bolingbroke means that our high expectations of staff and pupils will be clearly demonstrated through the Year system. Tutors will develop compassionate and constructive relationships with all members of their Civitas group and so enable pupils to maintain their motivation and work with determination towards excellence.