Bolingbroke’s Parents Association fundraises for the school, with their efforts boosting the coffers to the tune of over £15,000 last year. They also hold a whole calendar of popular social events, and provide a means of communication between parents and the school. See here for an overview of the Parents Assiciation.

During the past year we have already funded many things including:

  • Two new trampolines
  • 28 laptops for online learning
  • Staff Christmas Meal
  • Talks to children and parents on knife crime
  • Funds for school trips/events, DofE and training courses for those who otherwise would not go
  • Sports enrichments including running club and cheerleading
  • Welfare funding (via OurKids parent group) supported regular school food bank supplies
  • Hegarty Maths
  • Shakespeare Festival Registration for English Department
  • School minibus
  • School communications post
  • Year 11 yearbook

In addition, we have run and supported a number of events:

  • Events including fun run, year 7-8 disco and Quiz night. Christmas celebrations and treats including foyer Christmas tree and decorating staff room
  • Teenage parenting course run by charity Care for the Family
  • School lunch tasting for parents and meet the ‘chef’
  • Parent volunteers have helped out at every parents evening and school concert, providing teas, coffees and whatever is required
  • Locker review and proposal project
  • Laptop funding and procurement during COVID 19 lockdown
  • Foodbank, second hand uniform and snack shack (organised by OurKids parent group)


Co-chairs Patrizia Gnoato and Abbie Scott are seeking out more volunteers to help as Patty is now working full time and Abbie is going to university as from September 2020. However, they will continue in their current roles as co-chairs, and Abbie will continue to hold the purse strings as Treasurer.  They have identified a number of roles where volunteers are most urgently needed. If you would like to share one of these roles with a friend, then even better, and rest assured, you will get plenty of support from Abbie and Patty.

Please contact them via Classlist, our PA communications platform (sign up to Classlist here if you haven’t already done so or by emailing us.  

See here for Bolingbroke Shopping.


1 Raffle Prizes & Donations

Role: Sourcing raffle prizes from local businesses, family and friends, and asking for donations.

When: Prizes for Spring Fair raffle and Auction of Promises

Support from us: We will provide you with a list of businesses; a standard letter to send out; help to source volunteers.

2 Sponsorship

Role: We are always looking for good sponsorship deals from businesses to support our regular events such as Christmas Tree/decorations, pre-event drinks receptions, sports kit etc. We are looking to build on our existing relationships and develop new ones and need you to work with sponsors and find new ones.

When: Throughout the year, but in particular to support Christmas decorations and events such as Quiz Night and Spring Fair.

Support from us: We have existing sponsors for you to liaise with but equally happy for you to get creative. We have links with other local Parents Associations who you can contact for advice and ideas too.

3 Parents Evening Volunteer/Refreshments Organiser

Role: Organise provision of refreshments at parents evenings (Chef Michelle Lepherd provides all the stuff you need except biscuits so you just contact her a few days before the event to let her know what you need and when) and organise volunteer parents to run the refreshment stall.

When: Throughout the year (at least one event per month)

Support from us: Full list of dates in advance. Provision of float or card machines for donations, all info you need on contacting Michelle and getting the trolley, support using Classlist and doodle polls to get volunteers. A back up if you struggle to get volunteers!

4 Quiz Night Organiser

Role: To coordinate and organise the Quiz Night. The questions and actual quiz is organised by the winning team from last year so you need to arrange the marketing, drinks bar (source drinks and volunteers), organise volunteers to help set up and clear away, and liaise with sponsorship organiser on sponsors/outside funding.

When: November 2020

Support from us: We have a ‘how to’ guide for setting up the event and will provide backup to support you. Abbie will provide all financial support as treasurer and automatic ticket purchasing via Classlist.

5 School concert/music event refreshments organiser

Role: Coordinate provision of refreshments and volunteers at music events and concerts.

When: Throughout the year – important ones being mulled wine and mince pies at concert for candlelight (provisions from Chef Michelle Lepherd), school musical cocktails and refreshments/event support, Spring into summer refreshments/volunteers.

Support from us: Full list of dates in advance. Access to classlist/doodlepolls to get volunteers, support/advice sourcing refreshements, financial backup from Abbie, general backup and support.

6 Christmas

Role: Liaising with sponsorship lead and Abbie as PA treasurer you will have a budget to source a foyer Christmas tree, wreath for back gates and will liaise with Emily Samson/Ms Edis on requirements and organise these, getting quotes for best options and organising dates for delivery and removal. You will organise volunteers and oversee decoration of the staff room and provision of treats. A thank you money pot will be organised for the teachers and you will organise spending the money pot (last year we funded staff christmas meal and organised purchase of refreshments and provided a secret santa for everyone).

When: Liaise with sponsorship lead/treasurer in September. Start getting quotes for tree and wreath in Oct/Nov. Organise decorating dates and volunteers early December. Staff meal etc organised late November when you have a date from Emily Samson.

Support from us: All information and back up you need including companies/contacts used in 2019 for supplies.



  • Year 7/8 disco organiser – Caroline Hanson
  • Spring Fair Lead/Classlist year reallocations – Fereal Addicott
  • Auction of Promises – Patty Gnoato
  • Food Bank – Katie Dakin
  • Second Hand Uniform – Caroline Hanson and Claire Wilson
  • Lockers – Abbie Scott and Ali McPhail
  • Snack Shack – Elizabeth Oddono

We are always looking for new fundraising ideas but we haven’t got the capacity to run anything more ourselves without your help. So if you have a great idea and can help us implement it then please get in touch.