The origins of the Parents Association stem from the very start of our journey to create a new secondary school in the Borough of Wandsworth. Four of the original Members were part of the initial group of local people who were instrumental in the creation of Bolingbroke Academy.

As the Academy has grown and developed, a Governing Body was created consisting of  Parents, local Community members and representatives from the Ark Network. The Chair of the Parents Association is also a Parent Governor to ensure there is a direct line of communication from Parents and Carers to the Academy's Leadership Team.


To coordinate fundraising and social activities that brings together and enriches the Academy experience for Pupils, Parents, Carers and the wider local community.

To act as the voice of Parents and Carers, and facilitate the flow of information between the group and the staff of Bolingbroke Academy.

Association is automatic and includes Parents, Carers and Friends of Bolingbroke Academy.


Co-Chairs : Patrizia Gnoato and Abbie Scott

Meetings are held four times a year in the evening in "The Commons" and are open to all parents, carers and friends of the Academy.


There is a continuous focus on creating new fundraisers and ideas for how the day to day life of pupils can be enriched.

Everyone is welcome to get involved with supporting the Academy, if you would like to become more involved or find out further information please contact any of the committee members as listed above.


If you have any queries please contact one of the co-chairs as listed above