At Bolingbroke Academy we believe healthy eating plays a vital role in supporting your child’s education. The benefits are three-fold: the pupils’ ability to concentrate in the classroom increases, they gain a greater appreciation for cultural, fresh and seasonal ingredients, and they enjoy socialising with friends over a meal.

It is our policy to provide pupils and staff with a high quality catering service that provides the best possible value for money. ARK is committed to providing healthy meals that pupils enjoy eating. It wants all pupils to have the confidence, knowledge and understanding to make appropriate food choices in their future lives. Packed lunches are not permitted, but our Chef Manager is very happy to meet with pupils and parents individually to ensure that there is an option they like every day. She can also ensure anyone who has medical/religious restrictions to their diet is catered for.

Our nutritional standards are in line with national programmes for Healthy Schools and we are committed to promoting an ethos and environment which encourages healthy lifestyles. The catering team will ensure that the food and drink available across the Academy day reinforces the healthy lifestyle message.

We were thrilled to receive the following feedback from a parent recently: "I just had to write and say a big thank you for all your hard work with school lunches. The children have noticed and comment regularly on how nice the food has been this term.At our evening meal we all catch up and they have started having discussions over what has been a success at lunch that day. Just to note a few comments that I can remember; “delicious Pesto Pasta”, “the best Brownies We have ever had!!!!” Bolognaise has been missed this term (but they just told me they had this week and it was “delicious” so you must have read their minds!). Needless to say that the profiteroles and cookies are a massive hit! My daughter came home today saying “I really look forward to the lunches now. I didn’t when I was at primary school but I get excited by what we are going to get at Bolingbroke each day”.

Paying for meals

Bolingbroke Academy operates a cashless biometric system, please see the IPay section of this website for more information.

Price per meal: £2.70 for Key Stage 3 and £2.90 for Key Stage 4 and 5

Price per week: £14.00 for Key Stage 3 and £14.50 for Key Stage 4 and 5

Free School Meals

If you would like to check if your child can get free school meals, please click here to view the eligibility criteria on the Wandsworth Council’s website.

If you would like to apply for Free School Meals please complete the online application form here.

To support pupils’ meal times at home we provide two healthy eating opportunities during the day:

Mid-morning break time

The mid-morning break provides the opportunity for pupils to go to the toilet and have a light snack  which can be purchased and eaten in the dining area. Please click here to see the price list: Break time snack price list February 2023

Lunchtime provision

This term’s menu may be viewed below; please do check back for up-to-date menus which change termly.

We usually operate a three weekly menu rotation; therefore the Week 1 menu is the first week back of the new term.

Please note that all menus are subject to change at any time. 

Lunch Menu - Spring Term 2023

Due to delays in receiving fresh produce and food deliveries as well as some items becoming unavailable the menu is subject to change. We are still ensuring your children have the same high quality and nutritious food we just may need to amend what we are offering at short notice. 

Please click here to see the menu for the Spring Term 2023.

All menus are subject to change. Please make the Kitchen team aware if you have any allergies or dietary requirements

The Bolingbroke Academy kitchen is a nut free environment and we do not purchase nuts or products containing nuts for use in our meals.

If your child has any food allergies please inform us via email: