Uniform and Equipment Policy

At Bolingbroke Academy our young people wear their formal uniform with pride.

Our values: courage, compassion, community and excellence guide our principle to ensure every child has all the uniform and equipment they require to be a member of our Academy. We provide support for all pupils in receipt of free school meals to cover 25% of the costs. Full uniform and equipment bursaries are also available. Please contact info@arkbolingbrokeacademy.org for further information.

Items below marked with * are supplied by our school uniform supplier Khalsa Schoolwear. Click here to place orders online, email: info@khalsaschoolwewar.co.uk, or visit their shop at 388 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AH

To view the current Bolingbroke Academy Uniform price list please click here. We strongly recommend that all items of uniform and equipment are clearly labelled with the young person’s name.

Uniform Sales

Khalsa Schoolwear will hold a 'pop up shop' at Bolingbroke Academy for all new and current pupils on Saturday 1st July 2023. Please save the date - time slots by surname will be published closer to the time. We will also hold pre-loved uniform sales for Year 7 pupils in late June/early July.

Essential Uniform

Navy with navy lining and silver trim with school “Fortiter Ubique', translated to 'Ever Courageous' motto and logo on the pocket.

Grey academy-style trousers, loose fitting, fitted around the waist or supported by a belt.

Grey pleated-front skirt with waistband flat. For September 2022 we are reviewing the option of a longer length skirt

Plain white shirt with collar. Long or short sleeved. Our young people must ensure their shirt is always tucked in, with the top button done up to represent their best self.

Navy with two house colour stripes visible; Erskine (Red), Klein (Green), Seacole (Purple), Smyth (Yellow); Verbiest (Orange). Two stripes clearly visible to show our “Ever courageous” motto and logo. Please pay via i-pay and your child will receive in school on their first day and following any additional purchase. Our logo is so important to us to be visible as this is our motto we live by each day.

Physical Education kit (Please note PE kit is only to be worn during PE Lessons)

Polo shirt*
Navy blue with light blue stripes and “Ever Courageous” logo

Sports skort or shorts*
Navy blue with light blue stripes and “Ever Courageous” logo

Bags, shoes and footwear

School rucksack*
Navy rucksack with “Ever courageous” logo, 2 safety stripes and laptop section

Plain black formal closed-toe leather or leather-effect shoes, with minimal branding. Laces (if applicable) should be black. No heels, trainers or ankle boots - shoes must not go above the ankle. Please note that black trainers of any variety are unacceptable. Appropriate sports trainers must be worn in PE, these can be of any colour. Any medical professional exemptions relating to footwear should be sent to info@arkbolingbrokeacademy.org.

Please see examples here and if unsure please contact info@arkbolingbrokeacademy.org prior to purchasing.

Tights and socks
Tights and socks must be plain black, navy or grey in colour. Socks should be ankle-length.

Desirable Uniform

Grey knitted school V neck

Tracksuit top*
Navy blue with Bolingbroke in letters along the shoulders and zip front with “Ever Courageous” logo.

Tracksuit bottoms*
Navy with light blue side stripe.

Pre-loved Uniform

A selection of good quality pre-loved school uniform including bags may be purchased through our Parents Association. We hold regular pre-loved uniform sales throughout the term and requests for uniform can also be sent at any time to schoolsupport@bolingbrokepa.org. The price list for 2022-23 can be found here.

Other uniform items and information not on Khalsa’s list

Outdoor Coats
All outerwear should be removed before entering the school building.

Mobile phones and Smart Watches
Mobile phones are to be kept out of sight at all times when on Bolingbroke Academy site. If a mobile phone is seen or heard they will be confiscated, place in the Academy safe until a parent/carer is able to collect the mobile phone. If a pupil is required to contact home, they can do so from Pupil Services. Parents will receive a message on their My Child at School (MCAS) app alerting them to the confiscation.

Smart watches capable of communication through connectivity with phones are not permitted.

With the exception of a wristwatch and one small stud per earlobe (which should be no larger than 4mm in diameter and no sparkle), no other jewellery is permitted. No other piercings are permitted (e.g. nose piercings). Any jewellery worn for religious purposes must not be visible (this also encompasses the need for health and safety).

Hair & Headwear
Hair must be of natural hair colour and worn in a style appropriate to a professional environment. Unnatural colours or styles (including patterns in the hair or eyebrows) are not permitted. Hair accessories must be discreet and in plain in black or navy.

If, for religious reason, a pupil requires a head covering, such as a hijab or a turban, then this must be plain navy or black. Only jewellery stated by religion is permitted, for example a Kara bracelet.

Make up, eyelash extensions and nail varnish / false nails

Make up, eyelash extensions, nail polish, and false nails are not permitted. Any visible make-up or nail varnish that is worn will be required to be removed immediately.

Pupils with inappropriate uniform will be sanctioned in line with the Behaviour Policy. Judgement about acceptability can only be made by Bolingbroke Academy staff.


Pupils should bring the following items with them on their first day at school and maintain throughout the academic year.

A clear pencil case with the following items:
2 black writing pens*
1 mini whiteboard* (A4 size)
1 mini whiteboard pens*
1 pencil, sharpened*

1 rubber
1 green writing pen
2 highlighter pens
Ruler (15cm or 30cm)
1 glue stick (Pritt Stick rather than coloured glue sticks)
1 Maths Set (including compass & protector)
1 Casio FX-85 ES or Casio FX-85 GT calculator
Plain black padded Chromebook case

*Although all items on our equipment list are essential for empowering excellence, these items will be checked daily.

School items:

Wandsworth Common Pass (provided by the school through i-pay, replacement £3)
Chromebook (provided by the school, replacement £270)

Desirable items:

Plain Water bottle
Mini Dictionary (English) and/or for the language they study

Sixth Form Dress Expectations

At Bolingbroke Sixth Form, we wear our professional dress proudly – a clear representation of our school values of excellence and community, underpinned by equality and respect.

In the Sixth Form, all students should wear:

-a suit of their choosing (ties are optional). Suit material should not feature informal Lycra, denim, corduroy, or casual stretch/sports material. This includes bodycon styles, low-cut and vest tops. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
-a blazer jacket of their choice.
-formal shoes. Trainers, boots, flip-flops and plimsolls are not permitted.
-Coats must be put in the Sixth Form cloakroom throughout the school day.
-Jewellery should be discreet. Nose and septum piercings are not permitted.
-Tattoos should not be on show.
-Natural hair colour

If you have any questions about the dress code, please ask one of the Sixth form team.

Sixth Form Equipment List

Each subject has its own requirements for equipment – this is shared in the class notebook.

All students must bring a laptop to school each day. This much be fully charged for lessons.

All students must have a whiteboard and whiteboard pen in their bag for all lessons.