Bolingbroke Academy uses WisePay, an online payment system, for all payments to the academy.  We are a cashless Academy and ask that pupils do not bring money into school

All current pupils have already been issued with a log in and user name.  New pupils will be given this information within in the first few weeks of term.

To access your account, click here.

Lunch payments 2019-2020

Payment for pupil lunches must be made through WisePay, and not via standing order as in previous years.

To pay for this term’s lunches, log into your WisePay account – then choose Food and Drink, then Lunch Payments 2019-20 and whichever payment option you prefer.

Break time and Breakfast Club

If your child is in Year 8 or Year 9, they may buy healthy snacks at Break Time. 

You must pay into their cashless account in advance, and they pay using their biometric data ID.  Please choose the Cashless Payments under the Food and Drink option.

All children coming to Breakfast Club must also pay in this way for breakfast food.

No cash will be taken on the premises and pupils must have a credit balance on their cashless account in order to purchase food.

If you have problems accessing WisePay or making online payments, please contact the Finance Team on finance@arkbolingbrokeacademy.org or call on 020 7924 8205.