Zecure - Our New Pupil Safety App


Zecure - Our New Pupil Safety App

Aiming to deliver the highest standards of educational achievement, Bolingbroke Academy knows that for their pupils to excel, they need a consistent; safe and accepting environment in which they can learn and prosper. With this in mind, finding a personal safety solution that gives not only parents peace of mind but that also empowers pupils, Zecure was the perfect fit in aiding the support that is given to each pupil to reach their full potential.

With pupils now able to put more focus on their education needs, parents are also given that added peace of mind with the Zecure journey feature. When moving between school and home or even extra mural activities, students activate this feature which alerts their parents of their intended journey and further alerts them should they not arrive or run into problems along the way.

‘Our heritage is that of a community committed to the achievement and opportunity of all its citizens – a commitment our school will share.’ Claire Edis, Principal

With a commitment to its pupils and the community, the addition of Zecure is allowing Bolingbroke Academy staff, pupils and parents to focus on what is utterly important – building the capabilities and encouraging the minds of the next generation.

Zecure is a personal safety and communications platform. With a large number of pupils commuting to Bolingbroke Academy on their own; Zecure allows parents to track their children’s journey to and from school as well as any other journey for example returning from sporting events, extracurricular activities and clubs or personal appointments.

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