9th Annual Speech Day and Prize Giving

Tuesday 21 September 2021

On Friday 17th September we held our 9th annual Speech Day and Prize Giving at Transformation House; this is a real highlight of our school calendar and it was amazing to be back as a whole school for the first time in over 2 years. We were also honoured to welcome our Guest Speaker, Lucy Heller, who is the CEO of ARK schools. We are extremely proud of all our prize winners and nominees who you can see below:

Sixth Form Awards          
Name of Award Subject Nominees     Winner
EPQ Excellence Award EPQ Louis Caitlin Elizabeth Caitlin
Volunteering Contributions to the Community Volunteering Skender Charlotte Sarah Charlotte
Canon John Erskine Clarke Award for Values Bolingbroke values Mariejoy Louis Rachel-Ann Louis
Aidichie Award English Literature Myles Lucca Nya Myles
Hodge Award Mathematics Pepa Felix Sam Sam
Darwin Award Bioligy Joel Abdullahi Angel Joel
Avogadro Award Chrmistry Jess Felix Charlotte Jess
Hawking Award Physics Ben Joel Alfie Ben
Johnson Award Computer Science Nicholas Jacob Cody Jacob
Marshall Wace Award Professional Pathways Nia Moriah Sonny Moriah
Ainsworth Award Psychology Rohana Oghale Phoebe Phoebe
Rilke Award Languages Rachel-Ann Ruth Atticus Atticus
Herodotus Award History Myles Caitlin Elizabeth Elizabeth
Al-Idrisi Award Geography Monica Mariejoy Jack Jack
Weill Award Music Nya Rachel-Ann Louis Rachel-Ann
Magdalene Award Religious Studies Caitlin Chloe Keyon Chloe
Sirus Award Outstanding Achievement Ben Pepa Felix Pepa
Shonibare Award Art Seth Poppy Rohana Poppy
Senior Awards          
Name of Award Subject Nominees     Winner
Turner Prize Art Cerys Shareef Eve Shareef
Oscar Wilde Award Drama Mabel Haja Ceylon Haja
Thomas Hardy Award English Julie Jacques Haja Jacques
David Attenborough Award Geography Gervase Alae Alfie Alae
Amanda Vickery Award History Daisy Tiya Shamis Shamis
Paul Marshall Award Mathematics Jacques Bella Haja Haja
Clifford Bax Award MFL Eliza Nasra Noah Noah
Henry Purcell Award Music Zoe Jacobi Bella Zoe
Fred Perry Award PE Frankie Benjamin Sam Sam
Mabel Lucie Atwell Award Reading Macy Shareef Zoe Macy
Karen Armstrong Award Religious Studies Milo Barnaby Aristotle Barnaby
Michael Faraday Award Science Louis Stanley Evelyn Louis
Peter Dawson Community Award Co-operation and working together Bella Barnaby Jacques Bella
Senior Ever Courageous Award Academic attainment Alae Haja Julie Julie
Junior Awards          
Name of Award Subject Nominees     Winner
Brian Barnes Award Art Frank Giada Amber Giada
David Gyasi Award Drama Ted Erinn Finn Finn
Malala Yousafzai Award English Kevin Rose Amelie Amelie
Edward Gibbon Award History Noga Oscar Anna Noga
Morgan ARK Award Geography Kevin Electra Thomas Electra
Babel Award MFL Thomas Edward Pooja Edward
Carl Friedrich Gauss Award Mathematics Jules Kian Tahlia Tahlia
Ethel Smyth Award Music Selina Theo Finn Theo
Quizzitch Award Reading Amelie Eddie Jules Jules
Ersamus Award Religious Studies Pooja Bethia Yacine Bethia
Erskine Clarke Award Science Finn Noga Rania Rania
Junior Ever Courageous Award Academic Attainment Valentina Abu-Bakr Ben Valentina
Invention Convention Science       Shasmeen
Whole School Awards          
Parents Association         Katy
Sports Day         Smyth
House Competition         Erskine