BoAML: The Great Bridge Building Competition

On Friday the 29th of April a group of 30 Year 9 students travelled via train and two underground lines from Clapham Junction – through hail, wind and traffic!  Their destination?  The Bank of America Merril Lynch offices in central London to take part in the Great Bridge Building Competition.

This is now an annual competition for Bolingbroke Academy, and we are lucky enough to take part thanks to our partnership with Mathematics mastery.  The students worked in groups of 5 or 6 with the assistance of BoAML staff to construct a bridge for the competition.

The requirements of the bridge were the following:

  • A boat 1m high and 1m wide needed to be able to pass under the bridge
  • The bridge needed to be stable
  • The bridge needed to contain as many geometric shapes as possible – and the pupils had to be able to name them!

Our pupils did us really proud, with both excellent team work and creativity skills on display.  Upon completion of the bridges, the judging was led by a seasoned ‘engineer’ from BoAML. Congratulations to Kevan Green-McLaren, Yusra Hassan, Jessica Tobin, Macy Murray, Cherise Morant-Forster and Jahieem Fagan for their impressive winning design.

The students ended their time at the offices by taking a tour of the facilities and getting to talk to the engineers and bankers who worked there.  This meant the children got a real sense of what working in such a large office might be like.  They were particularly impressed by the cafeteria with its on-site Starbucks!  A grand day was had by all.