Bolingbroke Academy Annual Ski Trip

Year 9 & 10 Ski Trip to Saalbach, Austria

Bags stuffed full of warm clothes and pockets crammed full with sweets for the journey, the Annual Bolingbroke Academy ski trip set off on 9th February for Saalbach, Austria.

Upon arrival the group of 43 pupils and six teachers were greeted with bright blue skies and plenty of fresh snow; perfect conditions for those all-important ski lessons. In fact so perfect, it was summed up by Anais Love with "Missss, can we stay here forever please?!"

                      Bolingbroke Academy Ski Trip 2017 

 Bolingbroke Academy Ski Trip 2017   Bolingbroke Academy Ski Trip 2017

Each day started with a group breakfast, followed by ski lessons where pupils were grouped according to ability. Ms Luetchford commented “We have seen the kids have daily battles with the slopes but they were determined not to let them win! The group have put in 100% and it has really paid off, everyone has improved their ability or learnt a new skill.”

Lunch provided a good opportunity to rest weary legs and for the pupils learning German to hone their linguistic skills. On hand to help was Ms Sherman who said “I was really impressed with the pupils taking the initiative to practice their German, some of the vocabulary was quite technical but they took it in their stride.”

Ranging from Beginners to Advanced skiiers, special mentions must go to:

Emily Foster for her perseverance on the slopes each day

Jess Ward who showed leadership and responsibility and helped out at every opportunity

Sammy Sturzaker who showed true determination and rolled up his sleeves and got involved with everything

Milly Dakin for her courage, as she excitedly announced "I have conquered my fears and done a black run!"

Bolingbroke Academy Ski Trip 2017   Bolingbroke Academy Ski Trip 2017

And lastly to the group who learned to synchronise ski down the slopes – a sterling effort! To watch the group in action click BA Synchronsied Skiing 2017 to view the video.

After a long day on the slopes, the group were treated each evening to an activity, including a natural thermal spa with spectacular views of the sunset over the mountain, as Sammy Sturzaker summed up "I loved learning how to jump on skis but my favourite activity was the thermal spa, where we went down on the slides and swam outdoors at night-time!" The group also tried their hand at curling, which was more difficult than it looked, special credit to Ms Luetchford who scored a perfect 10 three times! Ice skating however provided the most entertainment for the group, with Luke Cheeseman scoring 100% for his efforts although struggling to stay upright….!

Bolingbroke Academy Ski Trip 2017   Bolingbroke Academy Ski Trip 2017

Seating 50 people for dinner is no mean feat however; the trip was rounded off with a delicious pizza meal where everyone shared their highlights from the week.

A huge thanks to the staff cohort of Ms Luetchford, Ms Sherman, Mr Rowe, Mr Jones, Mr Austin and Ms Banks for their fantastic organisation and commitment to making this such a successful trip.

Bolingbroke Academy Ski Trip 2017   Bolingbroke Academy Ski Trip 2017

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