Bolingbroke celebrates best ever GCSE results, with two pupils achieving 9s across the board

Two of Bolingbroke's star GCSE pupils, Pepa Birkett and Ella Holman who both achieved 9s in all their subjects, something that only one in 500 pupils across the country manage to attain.

A local Battersea school is today celebrating another outstanding set of GCSE results, with two pupils sweeping the board with grade 9s in every subject.

A delighted Ella, who couldn't believe her eyes when she opened her GCSE levels to find out she'd achieved 9s across the board 


Ella Holman was stunned when she opened her results to discover she had been awarded the very top marks in all her subjects, an achievement that only one in 500 pupils attain. “I really didn’t expect to do so well,” she said. “I only had about two hours of sleep last night worrying about it. When I came to school this morning I went outside and opened my envelope in my Mum’s car. I set myself very high standards, so I am absolutely delighted.”


High Achieving Pepa Birkett is staying on at Bolingbroke Sixth Form to study for A levels after gaining top marks in all her GCSE subjects today


Pepa Birkett was another Bolingbroke pupil to be rendered almost speechless when she opened her results to find she had also gained the top grade in all subjects. “I was hoping to to get 7s and 8’s, as I had worked hard, but really didn’t expect to get all 9s,” she said. Pepa is staying on at Bolingbroke for Sixth Form and is planning on studying Maths, Further Maths and French with a view to studying medicine at university.

Iman Hamdy who joined Bolingbroke in year 9 after being home schooled for three years has gained a clutch of excellent GCSE grades and now has her sights set on studying astrophysics after sixth form at Bolingbroke


Fellow pupil Iman Hamdy who was home schooled for three years before joining Bolingbroke in Year 9 also swept the board with top grades in every subject apart from Art & Design in which she was awarded an 8. “I was really surprised,” she said. I was expecting a few 7s, and really wanted an 8 in Maths to enable me to go on to study Further Maths at A level, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. When I read the results I had to keep checking my name to make sure I had opened the right envelope!” She is now going to study A level Maths, Further Maths, Physics and French at Bolingbroke Sixth Form and is interested in studying astrophysics at university.


Joel Rooney, who hopes to go on to Loughborough University to study sports science after A levels, was cock-a-hoop after gaining better than expected GCSE results


Joel Rooney was another Year 11 pupil whose results were better than he had dared hope. “I did work hard but even so I was delighted that in a few subjects my grades went up a couple of levels from my mocks.” Joel is now planning on studying Biology, Physics, and Maths A levels at Bolingbroke and hopes to go on to study sports science at Loughborough University.


Sixteen Dupais says she was "shocked - in a good way" at her results!


Sixteen Dupais was also pleasantly surprised by her results, gaining four grade 9s, three 8s and two 7s. “I am shocked,” she said on finding out how well she did. “I was only expecting a 6 in Computer Science, but I got a 7, so am really pleased. I am also happy to have got an 8 in maths which will allow me to go on to do Further Maths at A level.” Sixteen also plans to study A level Physics, Maths and History at Bolingbroke’s Sixth Form.



The Academy achieved results significantly above the average in every subject, no mean feat for a non-selective school that was only established in 2012.

This year a record number of students gained grade 7 and above, with 100% of Biology, Chemistry and Physics candidates being awarded these top grades compared to the national average of 90%, 90% and 91% respectively. In Modern Foreign Languages, over 90% of pupils gained a grade 7 or above, with 97% in French and 96% in Spanish.


In English Literature and English Language, Bolingbroke pupils performed far in excess of the national average, with 90% gaining top grades compared to the national average of only 62%.

The school’s GSCE maths performance was also outstanding, with 83% of pupils being awarded top grades compared to the national average of only 69%.


In humanities too, the school put in a sterling performance, with 86% of history pupils gaining a top grade compared to the national average of 66%. In Religious Studies, Bolingbroke pupils again outstripped the national average of 73%, with 84% being awarded top marks.

Meanwhile, the Creative and Performing Arts and Sports departments all enjoyed another brilliant year, with 89% of Art and Design pupils being awarded a grade 7 or above, and 100% of music pupils gaining top grades. And amongst the accelerate PE pupils, a full 95% were awarded grades ranging from 9 - 4.


Principal Claire Edis said she was “absolutely delighted” with the results, putting it down to the hard work, effort and dedication of the teaching staff, as well as the determination and perseverance of the pupils. “This year’s results are even better than last year, which themselves were excellent,” she said. “I am extremely proud of our pupils and our amazing staff who really do go the extra mile.”


There are now only a handful of spaces remaining for Bolingbroke’s Sixth form, and enrolment takes place tomorrow (Friday August 23rd) from 10am -1pm at Bolingbroke Academy, Wakehurst Road, SW11 6BF. Contact Chloe Orchin, head of Sixth Form for further details: