The Bolingbroke Challenge

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Every Easter we hold 'The Bolingbroke Challenge', our whole school quiz with a twist!

This year's challenge was won by Verbiest, with some brilliant effort from all who took part. Here are some examples of the fantastic rounds. Huge thanks to Ms Kennedy for designing the event, and Ms Edis - our very own Jeremy Paxman - for hosting and playing the role of quizmaster.

The Secret Life of Teachers
Pupils answered questions using an interactive answer sheet, with questions delving in to the secret life of teachers! Which teachers are secret Skepta fans? What would Mr Judge eat as his last meal? What's Ms Edis' takeaway of choice? What do teachers do on Saturday mornings? Whose most commonly used phrase is "the bell doesn't dismiss you"?

Munching Mantra
During this round, three volunteers from each Civitas gorup put as many crackers as possible in their mouths whilst still being able to recite our mantra: "we are a courgaeous, compassionate community - empowering excellence"

Civitas Chic
Pupils were dressed up by their class using recycling materials and were the escorted to their Head of Year as a fashion show around the building.

Bonus Round
The Civitas group with the person standing on one leg for the longest wins! Damari in Year 12 managed to stand on one leg for an impressive 54 minutes and 6 seconds