The Bolingbroke Challenge

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Every Easter we hold "The Bolingbroke Challenge", a whole school quiz with a twist! Thank you to Ms Kennedy for creating this year's event, and our very own Jeremy Paxman-in-waiting, Ms Edis, for acting a quizmaster.

This year's winning house is Verbiest, who won the most points in all rounds, examples of which are below.

The Secret Life of Teachers
Pupils engaged in an interactive quiz, entering their answers on a live digital platform to questions delving in to the secret life of teachers, such as:

  •  which teachers like to rap along to Skepta?
  •  what would Mr Judge's last meal be?
  •  what do teachers do on Saturday mornings?
  •  who's most commonly used phrase is "the bell doesn't dismiss you, I do"?
  •  What is Ms Edis' favourite takeaway?

Munching Mantra
Three volunteers from each Civitas group ate as many cream crackers as possible whilst recting our mantra: "we are a courageous, compassionate community - empowering excellence"

Bonus Round
The pupil who was able to stand on one leg for the longest won extra points. Well done to Damari who managed a pins and needles inducing 54 minutes and 6 seconds - almost the whole length of the event!

Civitas Chic
Pupils dressed up a classmate in recycled materials who was then escorted to their Head of Year for a golden ticket, making our corridors in to a catwalk for a fashion show around the building.

Well done to everyone for taking part and please let us know if you have any ideas for next year!