Bolingbroke one of top performing schools in maths for second year in a row

Wednesday 01 July 2020

Bolingbroke is celebrating its incredible success  in maths, after being awarded a Hegarty Super School silver prize for the second year in a row. 

This puts the Academy in the top five schools  in terms of tests completed, and the top nine for hours worked from the 1700 plus schools registered with Hegarty. "This is an incredible achievement of all the pupils in Years 7 - 10," said Head of Maths Ms Tibbets. "Pupils have been doing at least one Hegarty task a day throughout their distance learning - and managed to hit 500,000 tasks since working from home" 

Last year pupils averaged 10 hours of work on the website, but this year pupils have surpassed themselves, and time spent on the site has increased to a whopping 30 hours, averaging 100 tasks each, which Ms Tibbets said was "an incredible achievement". 

Only the top 10% of Hegarty's  schools are awarded "Super School" status, and Bolingbroke was awarded in the silver category for both number of tasks completed and total number of hours. 

Ms Tibbets said that her department could not recommend the site highly enough. "It works extremely well," she said, "both the videos and tasks are well planned and suitable for a wide range of pupils. We continue to be every grateful to the Parents Association for their generosity in paying for this wonderful tool."

The pupils have completed over half a million questions during ‘Distance Learning’ alone!

What they achieved

  • Questions answered by school: 867,915
  • Unique skills done well per student: 112 - Silver Award
  • Hours per student: 36 - Silver Award
  • Weeks of video watch by school: 15
  • MemRi goals achieved by school: 1,087
  • Data compiled on June 29th, 2020