Bolingbroke switches to virtual learning as Coronavirus pandemic sweeps country

Wednesday 25 March 2020

The entire Bolingbroke community has come together to ensure they make a success of learning remotely

With schools across the country closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Bolingbroke staff and pupils are rising to the challenge, switching to virtual learning for Years 7, 8 and 9 last week, and the rest of the school following suit this week. 

Teachers and pupils alike are doing a great job of getting to grips with the technology, and doing all sorts of incredible things from home, including virtual lessons on video and setting work online. Ms Bridges even held an online assmemly for 98 pupils on Monday, which was delivered via Microsoft Teams meeting, which the pupils were all invited to in their Office 365 calenders. 

“I am finding working from home quite exciting at the moment,” said Ms Bridges, “It’s challenging and the speedy ICT upskill has been beneficial!”. Bolingbroke remains open for children of key workers such as doctors and nurses, as well as our most vulnerable children, and these community classrooms are being supervised by a rota of volunteer teachers who are able to reach school without having to use public transport. The school is also working with Wandsworth Council on a Community Hub for these children to attend during the Easter holidays, though this will not be held on Academy premises.   

Otherwise the building is locked down, and no one is allowed on site other than the staff working on the rota, the pupils in the community classrooms, as well as Ms Edis, Ms Samson and Ms Rimbault. Given the fast moving pace of the crisis, Bolingbroke will review the situation  at Easter at the end of the initial three week lockdown introduced by the government.  

Should there be any changes to the current arrangements the school will inform you as soon as possible.