Bolingbroke's sporting stars wear their "Colours" with pride

Former Bolingbroke pupil Amir last year won a scholarship to top independent school Millfield, renowned for its sporting excellence. 

Bolingbroke’s students who excel at sport are able to gain recognition for their athletic achievements via the awarding of Colours, either “Half” or “Full” depending on their level of success.

Half Colour holder Charlotte


These badges of honour, which denote students who have surpassed themselves in at least one sporting discipline are usually awarded during the graduation ceremonies at the end of each academic year, though on rare occasions when a pupil achieves something exceptional such as when Charlotte was selected to represent England at rugby, she was awarded her tie during whole school assembly.


Half colours earn pupils a pin badge which they wear on the lapel of their blazer, while full colours entitle them to wear a unique tie in their house colours.


Half Colour recipient Year 10 Sophie who captains all girls sports teams


Bolingbroke’s Half Colour pupils include year 10 Sophie, who captains all girls sports teams, and has been selected to represent Wandsworth in handball and basketball. She also plays hockey and cricket for Surrey.


Full Colour holder Joel who has captained the football team since year 7 and is also a keen runner


Full Colour holders include Year 11 pupil Joel who has captained the football team since Year 7, and competes for Wandsworth and London in athletics.


Former pupil Amir, who would now be in Year 10 captained all school rugby teams, was seleced for Harlequins Rugby, represented England for the 200m in athletics and won a coveted sports scholarship to top independent Somerset-based Millfield School in 2018.


Charlotte, also a year 11 pupil, is an excellent role model, and as mentioned above has been selected for the England RfU centre of excellence.


Several more pupils will be awarded their colours in this year’s graduation ceremonies.


To be awarded Half Colours a pupil must show a consistent attendance at school sports enrichments, represent the school in a variety of sporting fixtures with excellence, captain a sports team, be a sports leader, compete at borough level and be an excellent role model.

To progress towards gaining Full colours a student must achieve all of the above, but also compete at borough level in a number of sports and have the potential to compete at a national level.