Bolingbroke's thespians in thick of rehearsals for Royal Albert Hall performance

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Pupils rehearsing for the collaborative Brighter Sounds concert at St Cecilia's

Report by Mikey Wilson

Rehearsals are in full swing for the Brighter Sounds concert, with our cast from We Will Rock You  visiting St Cecilia's for the collaborative event being held at the Royal Albert Hall on April 1st.  The cast will be performing a Musical Theatre Medley with songs from Les Miserables along with a number of other Wandsworth Schools. Our pupils will also be performing  a solo slot as part of this, accompanied by the Senior Band.

Pupils throwing theselves into rehearsals at St Cecila's in advance of the production at the Royal Albert Hall

The cast arrived at around 1:30pm, beginning with a short warm-up. The pupils from all the various schools involved then got stuck into singing rehearsals, belting out famous Les Mis numbers such as ‘Master of the House’, ‘At the End of the Day’ and ‘One Day More’. These were then combined with choreographed actions and moves, and the rehearsal finished with a full run-through of all the numbers that will be performed.

We must extend our thanks to St. Cecilia’s for having us over to rehearse in such a wonderful space. If the quality of  the recent rehearsal is anything to go by, the concert on April 1st is going to be a showstoper.