Bolingbroke's Years 7 & 8 pipped at the post by rivals in sporting contest

Tuesday 23 June 2020

One of the sporting challenges as part of last week's tournament against Ark Putney was for pupils to perform as many star jumps as possible in a minute

Last week’s Year 7 & 8 sporting tournament saw Bolingbroke narrowly pipped at the post and conceding defeat to local rivals Ark Putney.

However, It was a close run thing, with Ark Putney finally pulling ahead and racking up a scoreline of 38000 points, compared to Bolingbroke’s 35,700.

One day of the challenge and pupils had to do as many keepie-uppies as they could

“In the end APA achieved a higher score due to their participation, and it is 100 points per entry,” said head of PE Ms Bridges. “That is what ultimately let us down”. Nonetheless, she was impressed by Bolingbroke's dedication, which saw pupils taking part in a range of daily physical challenges including keepie ups, star jumps, ball throwing and step ups. 

Fierce concentration during the keepie uppie challenge! T

However, she said that the week was “great prep” for virtual sports week which is being held the week commencing July 6th – July 12th, in lieu of the real thing. This will involve seven challenges for students to participate in, with house points awarded for the completion of each activity.

The stepping challenge, where pupils had to step up and down as fast as possible