Come and sample Bolingbroke school lunches!

Tomato and basil pasta - one of the favourite dishes served up at Bolingbroke


School dinners aren’t what they used to be. Forget watery cabbage, lumpy mash and gristly sausages, pupils at Bolingbroke have a wide repertoire of delicious and nutritious home made dishes to choose from every day.


Pasta, curry, pizza and burgers, are, not surprisingly, the favourite dishes amongst pupils, but the school kitchen strives to offer a wide range of healthy and nutritious options, as well as meat free choices including chick pea curry, black bean tacos and spicy bean burgers resulting in clean plates all round. Fresh fruit is always available, and potential allergens such as gluten and dairy all clearly signposted, with the menu changing once a term to make it more seasonal. "We cater for everyone," said chef manager Michelle Lepherd. "Vegan, vegetarian, halal and all food intolerances and allergies. I try and get to know the students who have a specific dietary requiremet so I  can be aware of their preferences."


But don’t take our word for it, why don’t you come along to a tasting session in the school dining hall on Thursday 9th January from 6-7pm where Ms Lepherd will be on hand to answer any quetsions or concerns you may have about the school's catering, and encourage you to sample some of the dishes routinely served  up on the school menu. These will include chilli con carne, chicken and vegetable pie, tomato and basil pasta, black bean tacos and a selection of salads.