Computer programme enables pupils to track their reading achievements with fun quizzes

Top scorer Nasra catching up with her reading in the library

A computer programme which enables Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils to track their reading achievements is back.

Accelerated Reader enables pupils to complete quizzes on the books they read in their reading lessons, and are also encouraged to complete quizzes on books they have read independently. These can be taken either at school or at home.

Accelerated Reader drop in sessions are run on Mondays and Thursdays after school in the Library, between 3.30-5pm, and Ms Meddle is on hand to support pupils in finding books that interest and challenge them.

When Emma finishes her book, she can take a quiz afterwards on Accelerated Reader to test her comprehension of the content

It is recommended that pupils take no more than one quiz per week, leaving no longer than 48 hours after finishing a book to sit the quiz. We aim for all pupils to have read at least 15 books across the year to ensure they are developing their reading skills.

Competitions and prizes run throughout the year to reward pupils who are consistently passing quizzes on the books they are reading and the coveted ‘Quizzitch Cup’ is awarded annually on Speech Day. This year the cup was awarded to Benjamin now in Year 8, for consistently achieving a high score on his quizzes.

Pupils have been provided with their logons in reading lessons before the half term and can log in using the following link

If you would like to see how many quizzes your child has completed and their scores, please follow this link

The Accelerated Reader Leaders for week commencing 29/10/2019 are:

Top Quizzer: awarded to the pupil who has passed the most quizzes in the past week Cicely Year 7 – 15 quizzes

Top Scorers: awarded to pupils who have achieved 100% in their quizzes in the past week Nasra Year 9