Could you be a parent governor?

Bolingbroke Academy is looking for a new parent governor to replace Stan Faure who has stepped down from the role he has held for the past three years. We wish to thank Stan for all his hard work and dedication to the school, and wish him well in the future.


From overseeing what your children learn in class to making sure that building projects are delivered, governors are at the heart of the school. Governors work together to support the school to ensure that our pupils are able to achieve to the best of their ability. The local governing body (LGB) usually consists of between six to 15 governors, who are expected to attend meetings which are held four times a year in school and do not last more than two hours. In addition, you might be expected to take on a ‘link’ role to understand a particular area of the school’s activity, such as how it keeps children safe, provides for children with special educational needs and disabilities, or manages the school’s finances.

The key role of the LGB is monitoring the Academy’s educational and financial plans, with a focus on the achievement of high standards, establishing and maintaining high expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning, though governors are not involved in the day-to-day management of the school.


The role of a parent governor

As a governor, you will bring the unique perspective of a parent to the school’s governing body. You are helping to ensure the school meets the needs of all its pupils and enable them to achieve to the best of their ability. You are not representing individual concerns and you can make your own decisions, together with colleagues on the governing body. Parent Governors are appointed for a three-year term of office; this is a voluntary role, but there is an expenses policy to support you. Ark will give the new parent governor a structured induction, provide information and guidance on the role.


What skills do I need?

This is a challenging and exciting role and you will learn new skills and extend existing ones during your time on the governing body. You do not need any specific skills or experience to start with. Governors do not need to be experts in the field of education; what they do need is a commitment to the school and in the welfare of the pupils as well as the time and willingness to get involved. In addition, you must be confident in reading the documents that will be sent to you before each meeting.


Expectations of parent governor

  • You are helping to ensure that the school meets the needs of all its pupils, not representing individual parents or their concerns.
  • Other parents may approach you with individual concerns but you should not become personally involved, as this may jeopardise formal procedures. You should guide parents about appropriate lines of action and procedures.
  • You do not need to express opinions or vote in a particular way because you have been pressed to do so by other parents.
  • You are not there to promote the interests of your own children but of all children.
  • Objectivity is essential.You can complete your term of office if your child leaves the Academy and may resign at any time by giving notice to the Clerk to the LGB. Being a parent governor does not disqualify you from your usual rights as a parent including making a complaint.

Like all Ark governors, you will need to be loyal to the decisions made by the LGB and respect the confidentiality – even if you personally voted against a decision you must support the decision making process and take responsibility for the outcome.

You will also be required to declare any interests and may need to withdraw from specific discussions where you, a partner or close relative or associate stands to gain or where you are so close to a matter being discussed that it will be difficult for you to be impartial.


How to apply

All parents, carers and guardians of children at the school are eligible to be candidates, so if you feel you have what it takes we would love to hear from you. Please complete this online form by 31st October, and ensure that when you complete the form, you add your personal statement in support of your nomination. Applications will be considered by the Head of Governance along with the Chair and Principal and are likely to include a meeting with each candidate. Like all Ark governors, the parent governor will be formally appointed by the Head of Governance.


For further information you can contact the Ark Governance Team on