Excellence at Gold Duke Of Edinburgh

Tuesday 06 July 2021

Our Sixth Form have just returned from their Gold Duke of Edinburgh's assessed expedition on Dartmoor, and we were thrilled to receive this incredible feedback from their assessor.

Milly and her team were one of the strongest DofE Gold groups that I have worked with in twenty years of gold assessing. As well as being technically very competent, they were remarkable for their attitude both towards each other and towards the challenges of the expedition. Throughout, they showed resilience, compassion and support, and initiative with good decision-making and risk assessment. Milly's gentle friendship, easy-going humour and quiet interest and involvement were a definite contribution to this. In terms of expedition practicalities the group developed an effective strategy of open communication at navigational decision points, which meant they rarely made an error and by day two were more-or-less faultless in this regard. They were respectful of the countryside and its users, of others at the campsites, taking care to leave places clean and litter-free. They took time and care to enjoy what they were doing and take breaks in natural beauty spots, including a wild camp by a stream on their route: an experience they loved. All in all this was a consummate display, generated under their own initiative, of collaborative work in an open and friendly atmosphere, an especial achievement in a group that was not previously a friendship group, and in the sometimes demanding and exhausting conditions of a Gold expeditions. Congratulations.

Once the remaining parts of the award have been completed, the pupils will be off to Buckingham Palace to collect their Gold Awards.