Thursday 24th August saw our Year 11 pupils celebrate their GCSE results, the first ever since the Academy opened in 2012.

The number of pupils achieving the new benchmark score of 4 or better in English and Maths GCSE (equivalent to a C) is 82%.

The school also did well with the recently introduced measure Progress 8 with an estimated score of 0.3, well above the national average of 0. This score reflects progress made by each pupil in the same eight subjects from Year 7 to Year 11. For Attainment 8, which measures attainment, students achieved a score of 5, which also surpasses the national average.

The percentage of pupils awarded a 9 - the highest grade in the new system – in Maths and English was 4%; above the 3% that the government said would be awarded across the country. 

In the core subjects of Maths and English, over a quarter of pupils acheived 7+ which is an outstanding result. In English Literature 26%, English Language 27% and Maths 28%. Pupils also excelled across other subject areas with an impressive number of pupils acheiving A and A*. In the Sciences those acheiving A and A* were; Biology (74%), Chemistry (40%) and Physics (56%), and in Modern Foreign Languages; French (62%), German (28%) and Spanish (52%). We are thrilled to report that pupils who studied Latin and took the paper a year early acheived a 100% A and A* grade. Lastly, in Music, 44% of pupils acheived an A or A*.

Bolingbroke Academy Principal Claire Edis said: “I am extremely proud of all the pupils whose hard work and commitment has really paid off. We have surpassed national averages and excelled in our local area with a very high benchmark score in English and Maths. We are thrilled that we have helped our pupils to secure fantastic results which are testament to the strong positive attitude of the pupils, high quality of teaching staff and strong relationships with pupils and their families. Such good results present a wide array of opportunities for their future and we look forward to welcoming many pupils back for the Sixth Form in September.”

WELL DONE to all of our pupils who have acheived amazing results; we could not be more proud of you.

Sixth Form Enrolment

Following collection of their results, pupils enrolled for the Sixth Form, which opens in September 2017. 

Vice Principal and Head of Sixth Form Mr Speight said "We are delighted with our first set of GCSE results which represent really strong foundations for the success of our Sixth Form. We have been busy enrolling a fantastic first Year 12 cohort and look forward to welcoming into the Class of 2019 the many external applicants who will also be joining us on September 6th. We have a limited number of places still available for pupils who have acheived excellent GCSE results and would like to join us as we embark upon this new and exciting journey."

If you would like to enrol or have any queries about the Sixth Form please contact Mr Speight on 020 7924 8200 or click here.

The Day in Pictures

Pupils arrived early to the school, eagerly awaiting their results. Graduation style cupcakes were made by the talented Mrs Smith and the courtyard decorated with balloons and confetti ready to celebrate!

gcse results day GCSE Results Day 2017 

   GCSE Results Day 2017 gcse results day

 gcse results day GCSE Results Day 2017

Sixth Form Enrolment Sixth Form Enrolment

Sixth Form Enrolment Sixth Form Enrolment

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