Iceberg phonecalls

Thursday 19 November 2020

This week we have launched a new element of academy life which we are very excited to share with you. Every week our Principal will be calling the parents of one pupil/student from each year group who has been nominated by their Head of Year for doing something impressive. Ms Edis has named these calls her 'Iceberg Calls' as this may have been a quiet and ‘under the surface’ achievement.

Our first group of pupils/students are:

Year 7            Leashae   She showed excellent compassion to comfort and console her friend during a difficult day. She suggested that she attend the breakfast club so she could have a calm start to the day after an incident that happened.
Year 8 Matias Matias has been incredibly mature and hard-working. He is always kind and mature in his response to adults and peers. Every lesson I have walked past he is one of the hardest working pupils there just head down getting on with his work.
Year 9 Claudia Highest house points last week, flies under the radar and has been really engaged in lessons. 
Year 10 Rayyan Showing bravery and leadership throughout his ambassadorship interview & translating this to both his classes/breaktimes and enrichment. He is showing a commendable level of maturity and leadership.
Year 11 Theo-An He is the highest house point earner in the year group, showing determination to move from in the lowest 10 in the year group to number 1!
Year 12 Jafer Currently leading with the highest HP number for this half-term and is taking on the impressive task of BTEC Applied Science + Art A-Level and currently excelling at both with praise from both departments.
Year 13 Charlotte For showing great determination and focus across mock week. She has been in revising solidly even on the days she does not have exams.

Update! In week 2, Ms Edis made the following calls home:

Year 7 Imogen For displaying bravery in reading in assembly in front of her whole year group at short notice.
Year 8 Safiyyah The second highest house point scorer in the school last week, Safiyyah has always been hard-working, compassionate to others and focused throughout her time here. However, last week she really went the extra mile in every subject including getting golden tickets in Humanities and English.
Year 9 Jake Becoming more confident living up to 'being bold' in civitas and lessons and getting himself heard by having high-level contributions and debates.
Year 10 Zoe Shown fantastic dedication & initiative in regards to her new civitas ambassador role as well as demonstrating an exemplary work ethic to the rest of Y10.
Year 11 Max Always a courageous learner: not afraid to ask questions, contribute to discussions and really push himself to make progress. Always incredibly polite too, says hello and asks how your day is going whenever you pass him in the corridor!
Year 12 Caitlin For representing Bolingbroke Sixth Form so well in the Asembly with Ms Orchin and Ark All Saints for Sixth Form recruitment.
Year 13 Joshua For showing a real improvement with his attitude in his Applied Science course.

Week 3:

Year 7 Ibrahim M For being in the top 5 house point earners in the entire year group. He has worked incredibly hard, earning golden tickets in lessons and demonstrating our value of excellence.
Year 8 Ka'el The week just gone he has had such a positive outlook and has been super proud of himself. He has made a huge amount of progress in his focus and behaviour, always making sure he was doing the right thing. He also volunteered to read out loud to the whole year group in assemmbly on Tuesday.
Year 9 Ruben Consistently shows courage and excellence in Civitas and lessons by contributing his ideas and opinions, even around difficult topics like consent in SMSC last week. 100% attendance, no negative orr
Year 10 Frankie Consustent academic excellence with a fantastic week last week, particularly excelling in Maths and Science. Showing an exemplary attitude towards school and studies.
Year 11 Owen The top positive point earner for Year 11 last week. Has not earned a negative point for almost a month, so has made huge strides in completing homework on time,a atarget set for him earlier in the term. A huge improvement across the board.
Year 12 Michelt For amazing commitment to studies and EPQ. Recently achieved 200% in a Pure Maths assessment.
Year 13 Aliyah For being proactive and resilient with regards to her studies. She has had a real change in character and is much better at expressing herself via email and in person. She has been super proactive with her English coursework too.