Introducing the new Parents' Association Co-Chairs, and their plans for the coming year

New Co-Chair Patrizia Gnoata works in banking and has two children at Bolingbroke in Years 9 and 13 

Bolingbroke’s Parents’ Association is an instrumental part of the school, working incredibly hard to raise funds, organise social events and provide parents with a voice on a wide array of issues. This year, Patrizia Gnoato and Abbie Scott who each have two children at the school have taken over the reins from departing chair Stan Faure, who held the role for three years and are sharing the responsibility of the position between them.

Here they explain what they hope to achieve in the coming year, what their priorities are, and why you should get involved!

What are your key targets for the year ahead?

We see the Parents' Association as having three main roles First, raising funds to support the education and welfare of our children, secondly to provide school community events and opportunities to socialise and thirdly to give parents a voice on school issues. 

Co-Chair and Treasurer of the PA Abbie Scott is a dog walker, and in her spare time a keen cyclist who this summer rode across Italy

How much was raised last year by the PA?

Last year we raised £17,000 and OurKids (the welfare arm of the Parents' Association) raised £4,000.

Do you have any new ideas for fund raising?

This year as well as our usual favourites including Quiz Night, Vinyl Night and Spring Fair we are hoping to run another Auction of Promises - this was a big fundraiser in 2017/18. We are always open to suggestions and welcome volunteers to help us do new things and raise more money, so if there are any ideas and extra pairs of hands out there then give us a shout!

Is there anything in particular that you will be fund raising for?

We support the school with funding for Hegarty Maths so it’s important that we can support this again next year. Once we start getting into the academic year and new staff get settled in we will get more of an idea from the school about what things might be helpful for next year.

Aside from fund raising, what other issues will you be addressing?

We have a Sports Subcommittee who will continue to support the PE department with the development of Sports enrichments at the school . We also have a parent very keen to take a look at the provision of lockers and storage for the children. Again as we move into the school year other issues will undoubtedly pop up and we’re happy to get involved. OurKids will specifically support welfare and wellbeing issues for children and staff.

Are you still looking for new members? What about volunteers? If parents are interested in getting involved, what should they do?

All parents are actually members of the Parents' Association by default, however, we are always looking for more hands on deck. Even if you haven’t the time to help out but you just want to be kept in the loop we have lots of ways to keep parents up to date.  We have informal WhatsApp groups set up for every year group and our general communication system of ‘Classlist’. If you are not on either then just email us at with your phone number and year groups and we’ll send you a link to join Classlist and add your phone number to the relevant year group WhatsApp.

This year we are strengthening the role of our Year Group Representatives who will help us communicate to parents across the year groups and  to organise volunteers and run specific events. All year group reps, along with other parents, can be contacted via Classlist. It's a great communication system so don’t miss out.

Our year group reps are as follows:

Year 7 - Coco Weller and Marina Dempster

Year 8 - Chloe Talberg

Year 9 - Delana Durman and Amanda Martin

Year 10 - Caroline Hanson

Year 11 - Sarah Ward and Paula Fitzgerald

Year 12 – Penny Chalkley

Year 13 - Patrizia Gnoato